Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

What’s up? Are they no longer popular? Have they gone out of fashion? For most of my life, since I was a teen, those were the most sacred of all things, the holy trinity, the father, son and holy ghost, the raison d’etre, the goals one strove for and the means for taking you there. They got one through tough times and helped in celebrating good times. They were basic staples of life. True, I missed out on the height of the psychedelic, mind-altering, peace, love and r&R revolution of the late '60s, but for me and my friends, those years continued through the 70’s and 80’s.

But lately I sense a different vibe. Lately, it seems, sex is a premeditated, deliberate activity engaged in with all the proper precautions by two fully-consenting (and conscious) adults committed to a long-term monogomous relationship, and anything else is abhorrent. Rock & Roll has gone the way of vinyl albums and drugs are seen as a scourge of the weak, depraved and sinful losers, who should be flogged, imprisoned or executed for their transgressions.

Am I imagining things, do I need to get out more, or have sex and drugs and r&R lost their appeal?

If it’s true, then what’s the problem? What’s the source of their decline? AIDs, soccer moms, bursting of the Internet bubble, Republicans, the “Global War on Terror”? Don’t tell me they’ve faded to insignificance because people grow up, mature and outgrow foolish habits. What’s so wrong about smoking a few doobies in one’s spare time, shagging some chick one met at a party, popping a tab of blotter and zoning out to some psychedelia? If it was good enough for one generation of young adults, and good enough for the next, why should this generation find it so distasteful and do whatever it is they do instead?

Admittedly, I’ve mellowed a lot over the years, after so many years of sitting behind a desk and now raising a wife and child, but in my heart I still hold those things sacred and feel I could revert in an instant if given the right opportunity.

So what’s the deal?

It’s now called Bling Bling, Drug Deals, and Hip Hop. Come on old man, get with the program. :laughing:

You RAISED your wife?? :astonished:

Rock on.

Stephen Fry, in The Hippopotamus, wrote something like: “Every generation believes the next to be more depraved than their own, but there’s something truly disturbing about seeing a more moral, upright generation follow one’s one. As though there was something to all those good, wholesome platitudes that every generation of parents spouts, that you’d somehow missed but nonetheless managed to convey.” (Only it was pretty funny when he wrote it.)

You RAISED your wife?? :astonished:

Rock on.[/quote]

Raising her. It’s an arduous process but the rewards are satisfying.

Bling bling, Drug deals and Hip Hop. :noway:


[quote=“Mother Theresa”]
I don’t know the answers to any of your questions, but seeing that album cover again made my day. Quite possibly one of the coolest ever.

Maybe now that your a husband and a father, you’ve lost contact with the type of people who are into Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. I know most people do as they grow up, get a job, get married, etc.

Music in general is in a steady decline.
Brace Yerself: We Are Entering The Dark Ages.
Any fool with a computer, can spew out whatever vapid sputum they so desire.

Being a Rocker, or any other artist of any other genre, must surely entail some kind of homage to one’s roots. These days it’s not so much homage as daylight robbery. :astonished:
Just so you’se ken: Jimi, and all that that entails, is on regular PLayBack at TheGingerCavern.
Gotta secure the perimeter before nightfall! :wink:

My point is the drugs & sex might be ok (to some), it’s the R & R that we are missing? I will not spout off {again} on my fondness for classic rock. Interesting how Public Enemy is Due For Entrance. 20 years and all that?

Where is Rock & Roll Today?
In a museum, I expect…

The answer is in your statement above. :smiley:

Remember, Just Say No! :wink:

(But sex is OK if it’s missionary sex within marriage for reproductive purposes only, rock & roll is OK if it has cheesy lyrics that glorify Jesus, and drugs are OK if your name is Rush Limbaugh.)

Just ask the axis (he knows everything)

Bob Dylan, No direction home soundtrack, disc two, track two, Maggie’s Farm.

Put that song on and get the groove back in your stride, Stella!

Is very good indeed . . .

. . . and still working for me, but! Sometimes I think . . .

I wanna be straight, straight . .
I’m sick and tired of taking drugs and staying up late.
I wanna confirm, I wanna conform
I wanna be safe and I wanna be snug and I wanna be warm

Cos it just takes so damned long recovering these days, and I do mean from all three. :smiley: