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There was a funny actress in the original? :thinking:


Kim Cattrall has fantastic comedy timing. She didn’t just get the best lines.


Oh, right. The fact that the show was so bad made me forget about her.

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The four characters are caricatures of gay guys. I don’t think the series were bad, but I understand why people might not have liked them.

Watch one of the shows again and tell me that Cattrall’s comedic timing isn’t brilliant.

It started out OK, but ran out of ideas pretty quickly, and SJP is annoying af. I agree that Cattrall is good.

It had limited mileage - basically why can’t we find a decent man. It’s not us, it’s them. However, I did enjoy it considerably more than Friends.

Frasier was my favorite until it descended into farce.

Watch out. @gain is going to chew your head off. :laughing:

I do apologise, I completely misread that. An elderly moment.

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That site has some funny stuff on her. She’s a class-A bee-ahch to the other 3.
But, money can allow anyone to put up with her.

Not Kim Cattrall, apparently.

That was ‘Sex in the City’.

As most series do.

I’d like to see a role reversal version of SATC. Three guys trying to find rich wives and one middle aged bachelor chasing barely legal young women.

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