Sex and the City

I know you blokes out there watch this girly show because your girlfriends are enthralled by it and you just can’t help yourselves. ???
So, why do you think Carrie decided not to marry Aidan and why did Aidan then dump her and evict her?
I wish they’d get back together. I always like John Corbett as Chris on Northern Exposure.

Oh the horror! The sacrilige! Imagine mentioning that ultra-stupid crapola along with the wonderful Northern Exposure in the same post.


oh sandman,
You’re just jealous that you don’t have such a glamourous life, like those gals…
But I agree, Northern Exposure is probably my fave US tv show of all time, while Sex and the City is a mere bit of entertaining fluff. Especially for us sad women who’d like to have the income to buy as many groovy shoes as Carrie has.

Oh, and spot SEGUE here:

John Corbett joined HBO’s “Sex and the City” in the third and fourth seasons as Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest. Corbett is best known for his Emmy and Golden Globe nominated portrayal of D.J. Chris Stevens on the CBS series “Northern Exposure.”

Corbett has worked consistently since “Northern Exposure.” After starring in the third season of “Sex and the City,” John segued into Miramax’s, “Serendipity” with John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale.

HBO obviously knows how to input “segue” very nicely in it’s promos.

The other guy Aidan is dry and boring… and to rigid. Carrie really does not feel free in that sort of relationship. Anyway she doesn’t want to get married cause she is not that type of girl while Aidan is the 2.2 kids, morgage and SUV type of person.

Carrie’s father died when she was young, I think, and now she also yearns for a father figure… that being BIG since he is a little more mature and seasoned… BIG gives her this plus a little more freedon amd independence

Well that is my girlfriends opinion

Yeah, but Big’s gone now, so what’s poor Carrie to do?
Write Vogue articles about shoes?
I like Candice Bergen on the show, but then I always loved her in “Murphy Brown”.
These poor tv actors are always getting recycled, eh?

Anyway, I sure hope Samantha doesn’t go back to philandering Richard. She was much better off when she was just a slut.

But I’ve decided I like Miranda’s character the best. She’s way cool.

Don’t mind me, I haven’t had cable tv for over two years until a few weeks ago and I’m finding dangerous addictions looming, like “Sex” and “The Amazing Race” on AXN. Tis rather sad, really, since the reason I didn’t have cable tv was for this very reason.

You are aware that its not real life, right? Find it hard to get so excited (and analytical) about a show that is just for amusement … and doesn’t really have that many great gags in it, either.

Yeah, it’s sad isn’t it? I guess I miss the female companionship of “savvy” career girls here in Taiwan. There just aren’t too many women like those four around here, are there?:wink:
Instead, I get quirky gay males, cutesy xiao jies, English teaching whores, mammies and pappies, alcoholics, clowns and hams, dullards, and chauvenists, to play with.
Sorry to my friends reading this, but…there’s not a one of you out there at all like Carrie. As if I were, but, hey, I’m not complaining, just making a zingy response, here.

The Amazing Race is real, however.

Oh, sorry, I take that back, Christine has a pretty large shoe collection, right Christine?

Alien is your long list of stereotypical males, you forgot me, the kind, compassionate, thoughtful, easygoing, caring, generous and gentle Carrie of Taipei. Cheers Amos.

Amos, I don’t know you from a hill of beans, so how could you be counted amongst my list of stereotyped friends?

And besides, with that obnoxious Paul Keating quote below your posts, I’m not so sure how ‘gentle’ you really are! :laughing:

That quote just shows that it doesn’t matter who you are, you should treat people with respect. That’s all Prime Minister Paul was asking. The guy he was directing to was the obnoxious one.

So what am I, Alien? Dullard or chauvanist?

Yeah I can see that, but the language in the quote is a bit mystifying for people who don’t know Keating, believe me.
Not saying I have a problem with it personally, but we do have some folks with sensitive eyes around here, and a “gentle soul” may have considered this aspect before choosing this particular quote to be included under each one of his/her posts…


Neither, Sandy! You’re one of the hams.

OUCH! Guess I asked for that!

Well, count yourself a ham among a Costco-sized butcher, then… 8)

But you ain’t no “Carrie”.

Come on, dude, Big gives me more freedom and independence because he did not love me that much when we were together…See? I was not really so stupid as I might seem to be.

Aiden is great, but we are so different. Love cann’t overcome so many differencies, too bad!

Anyway after the two most important men in my life left me one after another, I decide to change my superficial life. Well, I will still keep my shoe collection, buy maybe sign up for the Amazing Race to see the world outside NY. Definately will be eliminated at the first round, though.

I find that Taiwanese woman who watch Sex and the City tend to put out more. Anybody else notice that?

Sorry Big, but I’ve always found that woman I adore and respect “put out” the most.

MrBig wrote:

I’m very very currious, how do you “find” that? :?: