Sex in 7-11

The other day, when I went into 7-11 to pick up a copy of the latest Next Magazine, the girl before the counter made me wait five minutes to pay for the mag, because she was pinned up against the wall by this sweaty taxi driver who was humping her like a dog in heat. Now I don’t care if they want to get it on in a 7-11 – that’s their personal business – but it really ticked me off that they made me wait. Was I wrong to be offended?

Yes you are wrong to be offended. This is a part of todays society. wake up and stop being a prude!

Sex in 7-1! Cool! I even think you’ll manage to assemble a rather large audience rather quickly… Too bad most of the girls working there aren’t that horribly sexy :wink: , but you can always forcibly kiss them for 1-2 minutes. After all, kissing strangers is an international custom. :smiling_imp:

Oh, you mean those magazines? You can always take you business somewhere else. However, you can see nearly naked teenage girls standing by the roadsides all over this country. They are harder to dodge - and a great deal more visible. what do you want to do about them? That last attempt to get them covered was a partial failure. :laughing:

You don’t understand, Holger, it wasn’t the magazine that bothered me. It was the fact that this big sweaty taxi driver was getting it on with the clerk while I had to wait in line for my crummy mag. You wouldn’t see that in the states, only in a lousy Taiwanese 7-11.

First of all, this is Taiwan–not the States.

Second, I believe that 7-11 is now mostly owned by Japanese interests. Thus, you can’t say that 7-11 should be true to American values.

I agree with you, something should be done, but these comparisons to America aren’t really helping your argument at all. This isn’t America. (Yes, I am from the US)

I always put my selections of cold drinks right down on the NEXT magazine and then try to maintain a menacing look as I reach in my pocket for my money.

One time one of the counter people told me not to put my drinks there and I told that person that I would put my drinks on the counter wherever I wanted and to get those magazines off the counter. My friend was with me and quickly pointed out to the counter person that “the customer is always right.”

Richard you’re a card. I’ve noticed your posts are getting funnier. Keep up the good work.

As for the topic at hand, the issue is simply one of appropriateness and the ability to make distinctions however imperfect. Panda is simpy being a knee-jerk liberal. It’s as if, Rip Van Wrinkle-like, he fell asleep at the age of 17 and suddenly woke up as an adult. Though his face may look mature, his thinking has not made any progress since his first independent thoughts in high school. All order is oppression. All censorship is dictatorship.

It is perfectly reasonable to want to prevent children from looking at pornographic images in public. Just like we restrict their access to cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and prescription drugs, all of which adults can freely purchase. We simply feel that such things are not appropriate for them.

Remember public spaces are just that - public. They belong to everone. Everyone has the right not to have their values trampled upon everytime they walk out the door. Of course there are always opposing values in any society but this doesn’t mean we can’t make any decisions or distinctions. The beliefs of vegetarians for example, should not dictate that all images of meat be covered. Requiring that convenience stores to cover nudity or otherwise pornographic images (while at the same time ensuring that they have the right to sell such images) cannot be reasonably disputed. Such demands are not part of a slippery slope toward a totalitarian state, but the rational comprimise of a modern society.

That’s not so.
Unless it was one image of the Chu Mei-feng video, there have been no pic of the sex act on the cover. There have been grainy pics of making out – wooo!
Nudity? Hardly. All the naughty bits are always covered.
I suppose you think the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated is pornographic and unsuitable for such tender eyes as yours? If so, then maybe you should shop somewhere else or stay in the convent and send someone to make your purchases.

Life is hard, then you die.

Yeah, take a look of the latest issue. They are all clothed, the pictures are grainy etc. What’s worse, the Japanese models in the back of one issue always cover the interesting parts. :cry: :cry:

You want naked girls?? Go buy betel nuts somewhere outside Taipei.

Dude, if those taxi drivers here disturb you so much, I’d hate to see you in some AM-PM or 7-11 in Japan.

You’d have a hard time trying to keep your eyeballs from burning through those sockets. :laughing:

Funny thing, for many years they had this law against sticking your dick in the tip cup, or having sex in a convenience store. And the japanese understood that. So you’d have teens covering those boobies, making sure no sweaty taxi-drivers or anyone else would get any funny ideas.

That was until the Americans came. They read the law and said very good. No sex in convenience stores, good. Then we’ll just have to do it right outside in the open. :laughing:

That freaked the japanese officials enough to do a 180 and change the law to banning all sex in the open for all to see, and letting them do ‘Dolly does Dallas’ behind their counters out of the public eye, instead.

Don’t ask me why the japanese didn’t think of doing this before. It’s kinda japanese thing I guess.

I think I’ll stop now.

Fer chrissakes, it’s not the damn magazine that bothered me, it was this big bloody behemoth banging the clerk as I waited in line. You don’t even get stuff like that on the cover of Next magazine.

What a misleading subject line - Christ you know I thought finally somebody had had the gumption to get it on in the 7-11. But no ! It’s some bleeding heart vicariously worrying about other people potential sensitivities in respect of a magazine cover !!! Is no where in the world safe from these people ?

Tell me about it… have you been to Blockbuster lately? I mean if you want to see expossed T&A check out their porn selection that is just sitting out in open on the shelf. Its not hidden behind the usual locked doors like in North America. :shock:

It’s enought to permanently damage all those fragile little kiddie minds.

On the other hand, the Taiwanese don’t have proper calvinistic upbring like us North Americans so one can’t blame them for their lack of shame for expossed flesh. :wink:

Yes if only Taiwanese kids had the Sisters of Mercy and the Christian Brothers to shield them from this sort of thing they might stand a chance of growing up to be well-adjusted and moderate adults like us here in Ireland.

Does it really do that to little kiddie minds?

I mean when I was 9~10, I used to get a whole lot of stuff from my cousins, and I still turned out normal. At least as far as I can tell. :laughing:

I did end up playing alot of doctor & nurse with the other clueless girls in school though. :laughing: