Sex in a 7-11

Can’t you people read? He wasn’t complaining about the magazines!!! Stop being so overly sensitive and actually take the time to READ and UNDERSTAND what he was saying…

It is NOT the magazines he’s complaining about, but the fact that he had to WAIT at the counter until the clerk was done getting laid. He doesn’t even care that she was getting laid in the 7-11. He just hated that he had to wait for her to fake her climax.

OK? Sheesh, some people… your reading comprehension leaves something to be desired…

[color=blue]So Gao where they actually having intercourse or where they just nekkin? (sp??) I would have polited asked them to let me pay first, in this way you may have embarrased them, which is a point for you! You could have played with them a bit (non-sexual of course) and just made some remarks about how Mayor Ma was cracking down on prostitution they should be careful.[/color]

Instead of waiting you should have joined in and take the cab driver from the back … :smiling_imp:

What the hell? How did you ever get it into your head that I’m a taxi-driver, Gao? And behemoth? At 5` 10" and 80 kg, I consider myself pretty average in size… Oh I SEE what it was you were referring to… :wink:

There were rumors that some Chinese female clerks in 7-11s were giving hand jobs in the back room to any males who would agree to vote for Lien - Soong. Does anyone have more details on this?

Are you sure the girl wasn’t being violently raped before your eyes? Perhaps she was too distraught or ashamed to plead for help. Usually it’s only black chicks who hump publicly without being forced to.

What are you talking about?

Well, I saw this in a McDonalds once. I’m not talking about back-seats or in the woods; that’s normal–all God’s chillun like to feel a cool breeze on their pumping derrieres.

MT what exactly, I mean exactly, were they doing? He was kissing and fondling, just kissing, had her skirt up - what?

Re: Next magazines on the counter, the first time Richard mentioned placing cold drinks on top of Next magazines was about two years ago. Richard, you’re still doing that? :laughing: Keep raging against the system, Rick!

Was it rape?

I think MT woulda called the cops if he thought it was rape, don’t you think? :unamused:

As if they would care?

“Don’t put the handcuffs on me, officer! Put the cuffs on her! And we can share!”

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Yes, I believe the police would care if you told them someone was being raped.

Mr He, what are you on tonight?

Why has this thread been resurrected from a year and a half ago? :idunno:

A foreigner rund into the local police station and says " hey, a girl is being raped!"

I have heard of stories, where that happened and the police did not give a damn.

Now, back to sex in a 7-11.

If it happened to be consentual and the bird looked like MT’s avatar, hmmm…I wouldn’t mind waiting. So, what he is telling us is that they were both butt ugly, probably so ugly that you could push their faces in dough and make Gorilla buscuits.

But what if the guy looked like me and the bird looked like MT’s avatar? Would the beauty of the bird be cancelled out by the aesthetically challenged look of meself?

And guess what she shouted in ecstasy?

“Huan Yin, Guan Lin!”

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