"sex wax"

I am the very proud owner of a t-shirt bought at a tenny-bop clothes store in the state which has the first several couplets of the daode jing along both sleeves.

I love wearing it around Taiwan … you can just see the wheels spinning in peoples heads “dao ke dao fei chang dao… why the hell does this waiguoren have this on her sleeve…”

mrs. monk

bout a year ago I saw a sweater in Canel Jean (store in NYC) that had a block of chinese that read “I am only wearing this T-shirt because I am a dumb ass qui lo who can’t read a word of chinese”

Last time I went back to New Zealand (2 years ago) everybody was wearing T-shirts with Chinese characters on them. I asked one girl why she had a T-shirt saying ‘fruit’ (guo) on, it, but she told me “no, it means drama”. Oh well, think what you like. My friend had a much better one saying Bian Tai in big letters, but she knew what it meant, because it had the English ‘pervert’ underneath. It was a cool shirt.

On the (now dead) forums on zhongwen.com there were always loads of people posting ‘how do you spell “Sharon loves Darryl” in Chinese for a tattoo’ and ‘what is the Chinese for A,B,C…’.

I was watching a movier a while ago (what was it’s name?) and there was a guy with a Chinese tattoo on his right arm. I tried for ages to get a good look and read it. I finally spooted it ‘you shou’ - ‘right arm’ - oh that’s appropriate.Still can’t remember the name of the movie. That one in three parts about taking and selling pills, going to Vegas etc.


I had a naive, hello-kitty-esque SH stude wearing a T-shirt with a big fat ganja leaf across the front; below was an poem extolling the wonders of that plant (I wish I’d written it down!) I asked her if she’d ever noticed what was on the front of her shirt; she had no idea.

I’ve also seen on that said “Ultra-lube, for DEEP ANAL PENETRATION” (no joke). A guy at the gym was wearing it, by the way. Maybe he knew what it meant after all!

J-List have these sort of t-shirts:


That guy from the other thread could use a derivative: “Looking for a Taiwanese Girlfriend”

a student once, shy little 11 year old girl “why should i die because you didn’t want to use a condom”

We should make our own “Forumosa.com” approved t-shirts with stupid English and Chinglish sayings on them and sell them at the night markets … stuff like “I slept with four different foreigners from Carnegie’s in one night and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”

Mcdonalds 2 months ago;

Free dress day. The T-shirt worn by 18 year old girl? Viagra is for pussies!

Night market circa 1986; T-shirt worn by 70+ year old cabbage vendor? Knock me back and F—k me!

T-shirt worn by a 10 year old student at my daughter’s school last week? Sex instructor, free lessons here! (large arrow pointing south)

T-shirt purchased by me in Chungli night market? Ski stoned!

I will buy more than just one t-shirt!! :laughing:

I will buy more than just one t-shirt!! :laughing:[/quote]

Does that mean you slept with more than four foreigners in one night at Carnegie’s?!?!?!?! :shock: :shock: :shock:

I will buy more than just one t-shirt!! :laughing:[/quote]

Does that mean you slept with more than four foreigners in one night at Carnegie’s?!?!?!?! :shock: :shock: :shock:[/quote]

shhh keep it on the down side… :wink:
Beside, nobody will know how many shirts I have underneth… :shock: