Sexiest Man in Taipei

Sexiest Man in Taipei? Link in the top right corner, next to the Rules?

I searched all through this site but could not find a single* sexy man. What’s it all about?

Could admin possibly post links to sexy men in Taipei? That would be gr8, d00ds.



Other than being based in Taiwan, how is this relevant to Forumosa and more importantly, why is it near the login type links?

[quote=“Matchstick_man”]Other than being based in Taiwan, how is this relevant to Forumosa…[/quote]Well, he’s a Forumosan so it can’t be more relevant than that, eh? :slight_smile: [quote=“Matchstick_man”]… and more importantly why is it near the login type links?[/quote]I haven’t thought of a more conspicuous place that didn’t get in the way of the logo in the upper left. Any suggestions? It would have to be in the upper part of the website when you first arrive at a page

It’s not meant as an ad, so it’s not false advertising :wink: it’s a link exchange

Google “sexiest man in Taipei” and see who’s top.

This directly affronts me. I am without doubt the sexiest man in Taipei. Some poser has stolen my logo.

Loretta is all sizzle and no sausage.

So you’ve heard.

It’s not meant as an ad, so it’s not false advertising :wink: it’s a link exchange[/quote]

Like, OMG! Did I, like, totally get it wrong? OMG, hahahaha!!!

i dont think he is the sexiest man in taipei…he has a pony tail for gods sake and dodgy fashion sense…fair play to him tho’ he’s having a good go of it here plus his students written submissions are funnier than (which begs the question why post examples of horrendously bad chinglish?)…why give him such prime exposure on the site though? it’s a bit bizarre…

Yeah, why not a link to the fluffiest man in Taipei? Or the angriest? Wait, that last one would be long list.

Um, why?

He’s a 'mosan! He’s one of our own, and he has been for a long time, AND he reciprocating in kind, AND if he isn’t the sexiest man in Taipei, he at least has the sexiest damn pony tail of any man in Taipei! What more does it take?

What more does it take?[/quote]

Bum shots.

But seriously. This 'mosan is
. And his tongue is firmly in cheek, or it would be if he ever shut up. And his marketing WORKS. No silly banners or other web nonsense. A fresh, creative approach. Do you see him starting threads like ‘My school up a tree in Miaoli wan’t me to pay them 600 NT an hour to work they’re!’?

That’s because I am the fluffiest!

As far as the Sexiest Man in Taipei goes, all I can say is, He’s to sex for my shirt… And I have some good fucking shirts!

No offence to Chris, as his site’s OK and I know the guy, but I have to say this whole “Sexiest Guy” link on the Forumosa home page to a private website is kind of retarded, actually, and in bad taste. Maybe he or other people don’t take Forumosa seriously, but for those who do, this whole thing is hard to take seriously except perhaps as a seriously stupid idea. But in terms of stupid ideas, it’s more stupid than average, so it perhaps deserves some credit on that basis.

‘It ain’t heavy, it’s my websiiiiite’

yup, the people who run it obviously is fine with it…It is seriously not something I thought Forumosa would do, at first I thought it’s a joke from a hacker and if I click on it I will get some virus or something! It may as well say ‘Want a bigger (&( or Come get your inheritance from your Nigerian long lost uncle’

oh, read that he puts it up because he hopes if someone searches for the sexiest man he will be at the top and it will show how good he is at internet advertising. There is method in the madness…propably sponsoring and it’s better than a huge banner saying Sexiest man in Taipei.

That’s only your opinion!