Sexist Taiwanese

I was just sufing on the 104Tutor website and it occurred to me that 2/3 of all the ppl seeking private tutors required female. WTF.

This is the same deal as apartment hunting. You look at the newspaper and half of them say ONLY Females wanted.

Can anyone give me some info on why the Taiwanese have such a fucked up mentality about preferences for females, in particular teaching?

Well since I know most of you people are foreigners just like me, it wouldn’t help, but for anyone who DOES have a clue, please let me know, I’d like to hear it.

Simple. Women are perceived as being “safer,” especially when it comes to things like allowing big hairy barbarians into their homes.

Sexist Taiwanese? In the words of Spinal Tap: What’s wrong with being sexy? :laughing:

Here’s my .02NT$. I don’t think it has to do with the Taiwanese as a whole being sexist. They first thing that came to my mind is a safety factor.

I had a language exchange partner last year who was a young Taiwanese female college student. She told me she only wanted to do language exchanges with females because she got tired of men who only responded to her ad because they wanted a girlfriend.

As far as the apartment thing goes it could be that females feel safer and more comfortable with other females. They don’t have to worry about male roomates seeing them in their undies just after they get out of the shower. Maybe females are cleaner and would keep the apartment neat.