Sexual allegations -- political aspects


Beta male just seems like a nicer term than Uncle Tom to describe someone who feels the need to do endless penance simply because of his race, gender or ethnicity.



Vox, lol


I said it does a disservice to actual cases. That was one of them. You got women saying once a boy kissed me without asking… etc etc. And the Nassar case is literally the prime example for the case I’m making. Stop demonizing men in general. This ONE guys did this to 150 women. Kinda like how they say 90% of the crime are committed by a couple percentage of the population. Few bad men repeatedly doing this does not mean men are like this which is the kind of men bashing I see today.

How ever the nassar case has to do with young children. Every statistic shows young boys and girls are pretty much equally likely to be sexually abused. And it seems like it was the case of the parents wanting her child to win in the Olympic s vs caring for her daughter.


I’m not sure I fully understood your post, but the Nasser case isn’t an example that the me too movement worked for a real case?

I’d expand it to (young) adult athletes both men and women, career as athletes vs sexual allegations.


Actually I found the judge to be biased and under public scrutiny to hand out the harshes punishment in mind…if anything I think it kinda jeopardize the case. No doubt he deserves it, but the justice system shouldn’t be pushed by the public like that. I think he absolutely deserves to be punished, but I’m going to play the devils advocate and say that judges should not go into a decision with an agenda.

Another point is, young boys are just as likely to be sexually abused as young girls…yet this is used as an example of male patriarchy. Remember Jerry Sandusky in penn state. He raped like 40 something young boys bringing them into the football program.

My point is, me too lost it’s credibility when it become the thing to do on social media.


This is not what the mainstream feminist are pushing.


Let me be clear. Sexual harassment assault is awful and wrong. However, we need to have standards. I’ve literally seen women post stories like once a guy tried to kiss me on a date and made me feel uncomfortable hastagr me too and really ridiculous stories like that. Sorry, I don’t ask a girl if I can kiss her, I just read the signal and go for it. Now I’m glad I’m not single in the US where that’s like sexual assault and I’m ruined for something ridiculous like that. I touch women all the time for my job as a trainer. Not sexually, I need to correct their position and feel if they are fully activating and contracting their muscles and such. I can’t imagine doing that in the Us and get labeled as a sexual predator. Men are sick of this, most men are. You might not know this but I think many women are even seeing the ridiculousness of it.


Nassar case should not be used as an example of male patriarchy, but an example of a problem in sports industry, that bad superiors could easily abuse young athletes using their power over athletes career.

Though, I think the me too movement helped victims raise their voice.


For the first few hours. Then it became:“Some dude rolled down his car window and waved at me #metoo” because jumping on the victim hood train is prime social media material…


Automatically believing someone has as many pitfalls as automatically disbelieving someone. Rolling Stone magazine learned that the hard way. I think the best course of action is, as always, trust but verify.



Come in from the cold (I mean real cold, not Taiwan cold) to a warm interior, and you may experience swelling in your fingers. It will pass, and when it does you’ll be glad you’re not out in the cold anymore.


Yes, these days even feminism is white supremacy!


This is what we need more of…inspiring feminist role models!