Sexual allegations -- political aspects


Latest to use fund: Blake Farrenhold (R-Tex) the only sitting member of Congress to use public money to pay off harassment charges since 2012 .


The reaction in Left Blogistan: oh, that explains why he was throwing softballs to Trump- recognition from one molester to another- and was so tough on Hillary-“there’s a woman who dares to exist without recognizing that women were put on Earth in order to serve Matt Lauer’s knob.”


Matt Lauer made a big mistake getting on Hillary Clinton’s bad side. If anyone knows how to keep bimbo eruptions in their place so they don’t derail careers she does.


Hopefully, what happens in Left Blogistan stays in Left Blogistan.


The (kneepad) view from the Left Blogistan:

“I would be happy to give him (Bill Clinton) a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”
– Nina Burleigh, National Politics Correspondent for Newsweek magazine.


I have a feeling the causation works differently.

He’s guilty, and he’s being punished. But what he’s guilty of and why he’s being punished aren’t the same thing.

It’s all double standards until you recognize the pattern.


They eat their own, but not indiscriminately. It’s about punishing disloyalty…

It’s always struck me that the people who treat loyalty as the highest virtue tend to be very bad people. Literal criminals, even.

Loyalty is the lowest virtue. It’s almost a vice.


Good thing you don’t owe allegiance to anyone or anything, then. :slight_smile: :rainbow:



Trump endorsed Roy Moore yesterday, essentially saying, it’s okay to diddle kids as long as you’re not a democrat. “Family values,” ya’ll!

Sorry, I just saw the words “double standard” in this thread and was surprised this wasn’t the topic of conversation.

I find it surprising how people get worked up about some stupid leftist blog nobody’s ever heard of but can easily ignore the reprehensible stuff the President of the United States is doing (and has done). Because at least he’s not a democrat?


You do know not everyone believes the allegations, right?


Ah huh, it’s convenient that the allegations people choose to believe tend to line up well with their political beliefs.


For me, the allegations all cancel out.

Show me a dress with spooge on it and that’s another matter.


Hell, there are worse allegations against Clinton than he came on Monica’s dress. I don’t disbelieve those. Nor do I necessarily disbelieve many of the Trump claims (one or two are questionable).

But by your logic, all of Bill Cosby’s accusers cancel each other out. I really don’t get what you’re suggesting. So women come forward, other women see them come forward and do so themselves, and suddenly it’s a big conspiracy?

They’ve already tried to catch the media out with falsely reporting allegations. Project Veritas got exposed, big time. Or should I say, big league.


I think the bogus Aziz Ansari accusation is when this officially turned into a witch hunt (if not earlier). And I don’t even care for the guy. But everyone can see through this bullshit. Ashleigh Banfield just ripped the accuser apart on CNN. Worth watching. (Oops didn’t realize this is a thread just for the “political” aspect of sexual assault allegations. But couldn’t find a general discussion thread about it. Perhaps a mod could merge)


It first came up here:

I still don’t know what “beta boyz” are. Proto alpha males? Failed alpha males? Beta tester b-boyz? :idunno:


Why is this in reply to me? I certainly never use those dumb labels. I bet half the idiots calling themselves “alpha males” are just lonely nerds with anger issues. That doesn’t negate the fact that there are false accusations, especially in today’s charged climate where it’s clear you can ruin someone’s career through it.

EDIT: Ah okay, now I see. You’re quoting someone else. He seriously said “beta boyz”? This is why I could never be a mod. I’d end up banning everyone who annoyed me. Eventually it’d just be me and the 3 posters who are always super nice to everyone no matter what.


Hate to say it, but I’m starting to like Rose McGowan.


The whole me too movement is awful. I see women post it just for the sake of it and attention on social media. It’s a disservice to people with real cases of sexual harassment/rape and assault.

3rd wave and current mainstream feminist and feminism are just ridiculous. A bunch of complete nonsense


Hope y’all had a happy Groundhog Day. :slight_smile:


Gotta love the circular firing squad now that they only have each other left to demonize.