Sexual Puritanism in Politically Correct Canada


Canada ? Ha ha ha ha


The new rule in Canada is enthusiastic consent.
If she isn’t screaming ‘oh yeah do me harder’ every minute of the act you are committing rape.

Southpark had a good spoof of that, everyone needed signed consent forms beforehand


The media painted such a nice picture of trudeau. Until I read up on him and saw what he’s been doing in more recent news. He’s not only incompetent, he’s also a spineless idiot. No one respects him.


With all the problems here in Taiwan, I’m still here over Canada because i feel far more free here. Its gone downhill fast, cant even speak anymore it seems…so sad to see something start out as seemingly good, fair and equal get pushed down everyones throats so hard and so extreme. And people actually seem to like it and think its for our benefit like we are babies who need spoon feeding. Our freedom is/will be the real rape victim of canada…




I used to highly of Canadians, but they’ve really disappointed me with recent laws and policies. And also voting for a bunch of PC politicians and that loser of a man Trudeau.


There are many laws and policies in a country that size. Many of them disappoint me too (oops), but could you be more specific?

Over 60% of Canadian voters did not vote for litte t’s party in 2015, btw. Of those who did, it’s debatable how many were voting for the man, how many for the party, and how many just to get rid of Harper. :idunno:


Most recently, I can say bill c-16 would be one that I find ridiculous.

Trudeau’s whole administration has been about him showing that he the country of Canada is so Progrrssive in social issues and human rights and such. I will admit I don’t follow Canadian politics that closely but that’s all I’ve seen. Not much in the interest of Canada as a whole. And not much done from a financial standpoint from what I can see.


That one again?

I repeat: Canada has not passed a law requiring anyone to say zie.

I don’t have infinite patience for the people who would write such a law – and I know they’re out there – but they are not the people who got elected (or even ran for office afaik). Don’t confuse apples with orange ping-pong balls.

He hasn’t accomplished much while in office is one thing, whether I agree or not (I try to be neutral).

He spends more time on twitter than Donnie so that he can push his insidious Marxist social justice agenda is something else, and it doesn’t sound plausible.


In what I’ve seen with him, very little accomplishments and a lot of feel good speeches. Most Canadians I talked to that were so happy he won have changed their tune even after their 2nd high when trump got elected seeing him as the anti trump. Why would you remain unbiased, I only try to be unbiased on political parties but not when someone looks incompetent.


In general, I try to be neutral in discussions because I find it makes it easier for me to communicate with people I disagree with, people whose opinions I wouldn’t otherwise hear explained in a calm and thoughtful manner.

That doesn’t mean I’m unbiased, but maybe it helps me to reduce my bias.

Also, you never know who’s listening… :robot:

Most Canadians I talked to that were so happy he won have changed their tune even after their 2nd high

My impression is that the change of tune has more to do with his (and the party’s) performance in general than with the occasional tweet or soundbite that gets picked by foreign media.


Yeah, I can see that.
Him being handsome, charismatic, and athletic, coming from an affluent background, and never having to worry about money his whole life, with parents of two different cultures who divorced during his youth.

Yeah, you guys got nothing in common.:rofl:


Face your inner Justin, Andrew! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wonder if I have an inner Rowland or something… :ponder:


Lots of bad behaviour coming to the surface years and years later, including Stoffer and Tickle-me-Stan. Those dirty NDPers. :grinning: The accusations against Brown in Ontario seem a lot less serious.


Ah yes, French-Canadian Montreal and Anglo-Vancouver. How diverse. :laughing::laughing: The only culture Margaret was into was Studio 54 excess (not that there is anything wrong with that!).


It’s great to see that Maclean’s is following the brave lead of President Trudeau when it comes to gender equity. I’m sure this is a wise business decision as well. All those millions of male feminists will be thrilled to pay a higher price for such a good cause!


“Peoplekind” (Trudeau) , surely includes Men? . I guess Gender Equality is more equal for some. It is a shame to see #metoo and PC gone mad, diluting the original , valid message .


Seems the puritanism has been extended to the UK. That the boss was fired here is ridiculous. Moreover, with the name of the bar the Dirty Martini, I think such behaviour within the WC is completely justified. :laughing:


Nope, just women, LGBTQQIAAP people and male feminists. Not a man in sight. If I wanted to buy a copy of Maclean’s (not that I would), I’d just say that I identify as a woman when I go magazine shopping.


That would be amazing.
“A copy of that piece of junk, please”
"There you go buddy, 8.81"