Sexual Puritanism in Politically Correct Canada


In the US, it’s all about fear:

Political correctness has always been about stamping out impure thoughts. Which leads to Antifa… trying to stamp out impure people.

But I think this whole lefty-fascist mentality is peaking right about now. The backlash is accelerating up a hockey puck curve. The snowflakes will cave first, because caving is all they’re good at. They’re not really combatants so much as hapless cannon fodder. The Social Justice Warriors will cave soon after, because what they do won’t work anymore without the snowflakes as a human shield, and they have no fallback. Opposing forces have co-opted both Alinsky and Gramsci, and so those two advantages are canceled out.

Eight years of Il Douche was what it took to get most of that crap out of our system. If Bubbette had understood that, she needn’t have bothered to run. Leastways, not on that platform.

Collateral damage: all those wimps who tried to negotiate and reach some sort of compromise. Further collateral damage: those other useless schlubs who thought they were too good for Alinsky and got lost in the weeds along the high road.

Those who say might doesn’t make right claim vindication when bullies get their comeuppance. They would do well to look closely at just by what means the bullies got their comeuppance.

Glory to the backlash!


That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel in the war on men you’re seeing. It’s the lights of the Orientation Express.


Ooh, that sounds interesting. Do explain. :popcorn:

(I would suggest starting a new thread for it if it has nothing to do with Canada btw.)


From the Globe & Mail:

And from the Hill Times:


I was just using a Vietnam analogy to point out to rowland that it’s premature to conclude that the penis envy movement will be climaxing any time soon.


Jeez, buddy, don’t let that ruin your day.
I hear they got all kinds of operations that can fix that up for you.:+1:


All I saw was “penis envy movement will be climaxing.”


You’re looking in the wrong direction. The train they were running us over with is derailing around us.

The days of being railroaded will soon come to an end. The current situation looks awful because it’s a peak. The peak is not sustainable. It’s being undermined. We are the tunnelers. Dig?

Shall we we go way off topic and turn this into an Amtrak thread? There’s a train wreck if there ever was one.

Say, how is passenger rail doing in Canada?


Old joke:

What 's the difference between Siberia and Saskatchewan?
You can get to Siberia by train.


What is not being covered is the bullying on the high-level corporate female side in government. Men do not want to report it for the fear of being called pussies :laughing:, but I have seen it in Canada at the highest levels.

Passenger rail? Takes 4 hours to go from Banff to Calgary. It blows.


The only part of Canada I would ever want to get to is Vancouver. And I’m not even sure about that.

Now, their immigration policy makes a lot of sense - even if it doesn’t give the pseudo-compassionate warm fuzzies. But damn, those winters.


If it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure the Mounties read this forum regularly, so I doubt they’d let you in.:wink:


To play the property market, to sample local delicacies, or to market tropical fallout shelters to snowbirds? :ponder:

It’s not often I declare a Rowlandism 有理由. :mountain_snow: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:


Line of the week , " I firmly believe in the right of Canadians to bare arms"


I agree that covering one’s arms is much more tasteful.



They are too busy tazering Polish nationals. :scream_cat:ński_Taser_incident


Hate to be a Mandarin Nazi, but I think you mean 有道理.


Bro, are you sure you aren’t confusing Hebrew Nationals

and Maxwell St. Polish??

I’m not so sure that tazering is the preferred cooking method for either, but, you know, you go girl :+1:


I was speaking legalese. :man_judge:


I prefer Mandarin, but to each his/her/zir own.