Sexual Puritanism in Politically Correct Canada


Honorable Cow is welcome to choose 伊 or 渠 without fearing contempt of court. :bowing:


This is why I do my very best to stay clear of the criminal justice system.


I speak of the civil and administrative justice systems, but mutatis mutandis I suppose (or rather 準用). :slight_smile:


You can get reamed in any justice system, with “ream” taking on different shades of meaning, of course.


What a waste of taxpayer dollars. These HRCs as worthless as tits on a bull:


Woah! @Dr_Milker, would you care to enlighten Monsieur Dawg about bovine anatomy?


I’ll grant him the poetic license. No skin off my udder.


There is an udder thread for that :popcorn: