Sexy and/or Romantic Music

Recently, I accidentally streamed this song that I didn’t even know, and turned into a very sexy romantic situation.

Tried it again a couple times more with 2 others, same result. One minute chatting, song comes on, next minute like well, romantic… None of them know this artist or song or style, like me, never had a fan experience or listened to him or his style.

I’ve even thrown the song on in random situations, and seems people quite get into it, hormone-like.

Is it the guy, the artist, or song or what?


I just played while taking a poop and guess what? Romance! :howyoudoin:


Sounds like a break up losing a best friend…

Funny thing. Well, very dark seductive (I guess) voice.

In the name of science, would you please be so kind and do a control group of dates streaming this slightly more straightforward song? Thank you, and looking forward to the results. Thank you for your service to society.


Haven’t heard Peaches in ages…love her!

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References to Spanish fly and burritos —this song has it all.

Ok. Seriously, this time. Actually this whole album.

Many years ago when I was sharing a house with a few others, one of the guys picked up a woman and left the bar early. When we got home a few hours later, his car was there and his door was closed.
"Did he get laid?’
One of the guys said “Look on the turntable- if it’s Van Morrison or Boz Scaggs he got laid.”| It was Van the Man. and he did. Probably still work if she was over 50.


That might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…

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The Peaches Fuck The Pain Away scene in the strip club from Lost in Translation is SO good.

Some people don’t look Bill Murray. I don’t get that.

Some people don’t like Scarlet Johanssen either. That I REALLY don’t get.

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Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 10.24.41


When entering new territory

If she admitted to liking Boz Scaggs, I’d kick her out of bed…

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Two words…One name…Barry White

I prefer the Patton soundtrack or 2LiveCrew. A burrito, an espresso and Patton…she’ll be in the mood.

Hum. Yeah. Right on.