Shagging, Taiwan-style

OK, my spouse shows me a “interoffice” memo being circulated amongst the guys and I thought it excellent fodder for the forumosa crowd.

So, I question you men, is the article accurate, the author says be prepared for the games, but does not go into the psycho xiaojie stuff at all, only games pre-coitus…

Of course, I can’t comment on the getting the girl into the sack bit, but from my single guy buds, seems to be fairly spot on.

Any comments from the peanut gallery?

A mix of total bullshit, half-truths and valid info.
I’d like to know how old this guy is, how long he was in Taiwan and how many girls he claims to have shagged.
And if girls are so hot for having their pictures taken, why is the photo section images from other sites of professional models?
Four-hour love hotels? :unamused: Name one, please.

Damn. I thought this thread was about the South Carolina State Dance. … tlist.html

And if girls are so hot for having their pictures taken…[/quote]

You might be surprised…I’ve got some pretty hot photos of some of the local lassies…and none are professionals. :laughing:


I don’t buy the parts about superstitions as determining factors in relationships, but what he wrote about the ethic of being a “good girl” is spot on.

I also find that women here typically have very strong libidos, and tend to be very enthusiastic (if not always expert) lovers.

Of course, this article was written from the perspective of a belt-notcher. There are many positive aspects of dating women of any nationality that go well beyond the bedroom.

Funny stuff–don’t overlook the married woman out looking for a good time!

“Nothing seems to make them more satisfied than to get laid while spending their husbands’ money to do it.”


Love hotels are out there a plenty. Never used one myself but I know they are there.

Have to say … what a frickin’ jerk.

Wolf wrote:

Well I guess what they mean is the resty poos prices offered below the full fare. That’s usually 3~4 hours.

Going with the resty poos diversion, is space still at a such a premium that people really still need to nip off for a xiu xi at the grimey little hotel down the lane? I notice the Da Lai" - (big come) with the enticing English name “Delight” has closed but there are others near my office and the oddest with the foulest blast of air con onto the street imaginable down the lane from my house.

When I first moved back to Taiwan, I stayed in a love hotel (Called the

The article is plain bullshit; it’s just a lonely horny jerk telling us about his wet dreams.
Especially amusing was the part about the Taiwan girl who wanted to learn how to give a blowjob. Yeah, riiiiiight… :unamused:

[quote=“t.ukyo”]The article is plain bullshit; it’s just a lonely horny jerk telling us about his wet dreams.
Especially amusing was the part about the Taiwan girl who wanted to learn how to give a blowjob. Yeah, riiiiiight… :unamused:[/quote]

Not getting any? :laughing:

Ok, but my favorite part is where he plays like he is “respectful” of women…

where I come from no means no…

And when the girls brother hears about what he has been doing he may wake up with nothing to blow except his nose.

Anyone who needs to brag about this kind of thing on line is probably like those who drive sports cars. eh, pee wee.

Too much Japanese porn :unamused:

[quote]They like sex, and they demand it. But they also have the centuries-old tradition of the dainty, foot-bound maiden whose only desire is to serve her man. The old ideal of a proper women who doesn’t enjoy sex, who eats like a bird, and who has no “un-genteel” habits such as shitting, farting, or bad breath has survived throughout the ages. Modern TG’s handle this disparity of desires and cultural ideals by game playing. And if you want to succeed in getting a TG in the sack, you’ve got to understand the rules of these games.

The population of Taiwan is one of the most superstitious peoples in the world. Much of their life revolves around the supernatural. For example, the Chines month which occurs at about the same time as August is sometimes known as the month of ghosts.

As a “waigwo ren,” you somehow fall outside the conventions of “polite” society, read “Chinese” society.

OK, now for the game playing part. TG’s almost never say what they mean when it comes to sex and relationships.

Don’t pay too much attention to her tits the first time if they are small. TG’s have somewhat of an inferiority complex about them.

Successful Taiwan men almost always have a mistress. Now, their wives are fighting back.

This is all more or less true. The rest of the article is complete bullshit. So I helpfully cut out the 10% useful bits to save others the pain of digging through all the rest of the garbage. And “syaujye”? What kind of fucked-up romanization is that?

The Yale system. It was pretty much standard in the US up through the 1970s and here in Taiwan through the early 90s. It’s one hell of alot better than that crap from across the creek.

And where are these pics, Blueface? :sunglasses:

Saw this thread at the office today and could hardly wait to get home to throw in my 7.5 cents :wink: Most of y’all have been rather reserved in giving your personal feedback… please fella’s, let it all hang out.

To quote from the author:
“most would love to have an experience with a black man as well as a white man thinking that both would be the penultimate in sexual pleasure.”

I never would have thought this was true until a close female friend of mine said she and her lady friends felt this way. Taiwan following Japan again?!

“…but don’t criticize Chinese culture! Don’t condescend to them. Remember, they think they are superior to you.”

We experience that Chinese chauvinism now and again, don’t we? I was actually with a girl one evening at CKS Memorial, where a lot of couples go to be romantic. She said something about the architecture, and I asked her why a certain feature was designed in such a way… she said: “Oh, you’re a foreigner. I can’t explain to you… you won’t understand. You have no culture.” :imp:

Last but not least:
“They are pretty good at it, and will be proud of her ability to make you cum. She isn’t going to swallow, though.”

Woah… there. This really depends on personality and experience, not culture. Nothing in Chinese culture teaches them about this. Some will run from the room at your first suggestion of a BJ, some will spit, and some will swallow. Some have no technique, and some (if they’ve had a few boyfriends before) will… you know.

That guy’s webpage is just his lame opinion and experience. But then again, opinions (most personal, and many lame) are what forums are for.

Spot on. Case in point, after 5 years of being together and countless times of me saying her boobs are just fine, we still have conversations like this one today.

Me: What are you drinking?
Her: Small boobs milk tea. It fits, right?

Some of what the poster said is true sure.

However what’s the big difference with western girls, not a lot I can tell you. Most girls of most countries won’t f%ck on the first night, that’s a good girl thing the world over.

Some girls will do the 2nd nite, some weeks later…what’s the difference with any other place.

Girls dream of black and white or something different, what girls don’t?

What’s this bullshit about the fortuneteller…sure some follow this but very very few, this sounds like somebody who just passed thru for 6 months and got some quick lays down in the Vibe or whatever. Each girl I met here was quite different in their way. You can pay for sex easily in Taipei but that’s because this is Asia and women still have a way to go…lots of old foreigners handing around getting dirty like the locals (u know who u are). Studs who pay for it.

And why are western girls always keen to categorise Taiwanese girls into a certain bracket, almost all western girls I know in Taiwan do that.