Shame on China and Russia

Now that besides the US, UK and others on the Security Council of the United Nations, Syrian neighbors, Arab Council pulled their diplomats and expelled their Syrian counterparts today. So why both China and Russia did veto the UN Security Council resolution which calls for sanction on Syrian government headed by dictator president Assad? I believe that the reason for China is pretty obvious. They do not want to be attacked on their own inhuman activity toward Tibetan people and other political prisoners. That is why they (PRC) very firmly do not “intervene” other countries’ internal affairs. But for Russia, I don’t have a really good clue. Why do they want to protect Assad at this juncture? Is there some hidden agenda? Maybe some of you can enlighten me on this?

Because China and Russia sell a lot of weapons to those regimes? Also the fact that China and Russia doesn’t exactly champions of political freedom.

edit: besides if the arab league actually wanted to do something about it, do you think anyone’s really gonna stop them?

Oh the ironies abound!!! No peace marches to stop an illegal action? And who is pushing this but france? I wonder if bush were president if the same reaction would occur? Remember by the time we wanted to invade hundreds Times more people had died. Some million plus. the oil for food program was a corrupt un racket and the us believed with good reason saddam had wmds AND he remained a major recurring conventional threat but no one could accept that and now we have a rather inconsistent approach for a nation that has never been a strategic threat to the us? Pah! Not only were china and russia major suppliers to saddam but so were france and germany. Us and uk sales were negligible. Germany remains a key source of tech and finance for iran. I see no strategic us interests in syria or libya yet this is where the well meaning want to tread? Why not then in iraq before for the same reasons where conditions were literally hundreds times worse? Jaboney: why not answer this for me.