Shameless Pitch - Looking for work in Taipei - I have full work rights

Afternoon all. I realised that by being on a marriage Visa I don’t have a lot of the issues that some do - but that means I am available (legally) to cover you if you are going on holiday, or if your colleague is going home, or whatever. I’m very flexible and though I imagine English is the predominant requirement I could also teach Biology, Chemistry & Maths up to the end of High School Level (in English) with no worries.

So - Hi, my name in Jonathan. I’m in Taipei and looking for a couple of extra afternoons at a buxiban in Taipei. I can provide references from the buxiban I’m currently working at and a TW government department I have done some training work for (I can do all age ranges, I prefer adults but I’m not fussy if the gig is not run by cons.).

I am on a marriage visa so I don’t have any restrictions on my work, my schedule has been freed up (I finished a remote worker contract I was doing for a firm back home (London)) so now I’m back looking for work, but I’m not desperate so no low-balls, please.

I’ve got my police certs ready to go and I’m very happy to do demonstrations/interviews.