Shan Garden mongolian BBQ goes mega-crap

Some people may remember the Shan Garden as being a really cool Mongolian BBQ haunt up in Bei Tou. Not any more. The new management, greedy peasants, have totally ruined the place making the experience a massively annoying & expensive disappointment. The meats are served in a frozen solid so you have to laboriously chip them out (so nothing is wasted); no satay sauce is avialable because they can’t be bothered to clean the hot plate (true, it does cause some ‘caking’ - but what is BBQ wihtout satay sauce?). The sauces have been reduced in number, & are watered down. The outside balcony has been removed, and criminal destruciton of what should be a listed building has taken place on a grand scale; now making it a huge white toilet-style glass house. The list goes on… food quality much worse, price increase by 25%… they’ve gotta be heading for business failure, surely?

That’s too bad…I have fond memories of the place…went there on a few dates during my first few years in Taiwan. Nice views.

I haven’t seen anymore Mongolian BBQ anymore. Used to be a decent one in Tienmu but that place closed down…

There’s the Genghis Khan on the corner of Nanjing and Liaoning.