Shandao Temple

Ok, I wish I knew more about Taipei but I don’t. I need to drive to the Shandao temple tomorrow and can’t find a single map on the internet. Anyone know how to get there from Taoyuan? Do I go up #1 or #3?

Anyhelp would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows a good driving directions site for Taiwan I sure would appreciate the link.

have you tried

Shandao Temple is smack in the center of Taipei on Zhongxiao E. Rd. a few blocks east of the main railway station. Even has a MRT station named after it.

It is on the north side of Zhongxiao East Road Section 1, a couple of blocks east of Taibei Railway Station and close to the Administrative Yuan. It is right next to Shandao Temple MRT station(!), which is only one stop away from Taibei Main Station.

Click here for a bilingual map of Shandao Temple MRT and surrounding area.

Ugh! Why drive into Taipei to go there. Just take the train and switch to the MRT. You’ll be there in one stop with half the stress.

That’s a good idea. Guess I’ve gotten to use to the A/C and Stereo in the Jeep. I’ll sort it out… thanks a lot for all the help.