Shang dynasty ruled twice?

Is there any connection between the State of Song (宋國) and the Song Dynasty (宋朝) ? claims that the State of Song was formed from the defeated Shang dynasty (商朝/殷代). Is there a relation between these two dynasties besides the name they chose?


So the use of the same name is just coincidence?

There’s no bloodline relationship if that’s what you’re asking; there’s only a geographical connection. The founding father of the Song Dynasty was a military leader based in the old capital of the State of Song, known as Song Zhou (宋州) at the time (~960). Thus, when he came to power, he named his empire “Song”.

Hmm, there is another Song:

This one comes after the State of Song (former Shang dynasty) but before the major Song Dynasty in the 900s.

But it looks like there is no relationship between any of these three Songs.

How did the State of Song end?