Shanghai forum,

osted: Jul 21, 2004 - 12:44 PM

We limit commercial posting on this board. If you want to promote your business, please refer to the advertising page.

Post of commercial nature (where you are selling a product or a service) can only go in the Buy-Sell Forum or the Doing Business Forum.

Here is what happen when there gets to be a lot of commercial posting in the forum.
1 Good people get tired and sorting through ads and go away.
2. More businesses wanting free promotion on a very active community post more ads.
3. The quality of board deteriorates. More good people go away.
4. Michael gets tired of spending his time and money promoting other businessess for free and he just bags the whole site and takes up a job making baozi.

If you are teaching language lessons - you can post an actual lesson in the Learning Language forum… not just an announcement of your classes.

If you have a apartment for rent, you can post information about a specific property or apartment in the real estate section, not just an announcement about your company. That is what advertising is for.

If you have an announcement about a specific event with a definite date and time, you can post it in the announcments forum . You cannot post general purpose " we are open for business" announcements in the announcements forum.

If you spam the board with ads ( posting the same ad over in different forums or several time in a short period of time). they will all be deleted. If you post general purpose announcements about your business without advertising, it will be deleted.

We will become much more active in our enforcement of these terms.