Shanghai (the movie)

Caught this flick over the weekend.

Pleasantly surprised. A lot of action, quite suspenseful and they really took the time to make the setting seem very much like the forties. Of course there are a few over-the-top moments, but par for the course, it is a movie after all.

I might like it better than most back home because I have been in Asia a long time, have an interest in WW2 and am familiar with Shanghai and Chinese culture, but many of you are probably in the same boat and should like it too.

Check it out, its well worth the effort of hauling your ass down to the theatre in this offensive heat. … re=related

Interesting…I saw this too but I guess my taste in movies is a bit different from yours. I’d probably give this movie a 6.5-7.0/10.0.

For me, it was interesting at times and also boring at times. The overall plot is slightly confusing to me but maybe I’m just thick skulled :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know. I like John Cusack, Chow Yun Fat, and Li Gong. We may give it a try.

looks good have to check out the DVD