Will be there from next week for three weeks, primarily business, but I also want to have a look around, by day and by night.

Any ideas? Hexuan?

I have been to the following and found them interesting:

The museum in People’s Square (Chinese antiques).
The Jade Buddha temple.
Yu Yuan (gardens and tourist shops).
The Bund (day or evening).
If you can get a day off Suzhou for the gardens.
The acrobats (especially the motorcycle bit!)
Nanjing Dong Lu (shops)

Xintiandi is a great place for hanging out. You can find good international restaurants, nice bars and clubs.

Zaozishu is a great Veggie restaurant owned by a Taiwanese couple. The food is great and cheaper. … zishu.html

I believe it was while finding a place to park going to Xintiandi that we found a several block area where they sell crickets and cages. Came home with a most prized gift of a cricket box.

While walking the Nanjing Rd. Pedestrian only area, find the Subway’s Sandwich, next to it and upstairs for the best all you can eat barbeque. The kind where the bring the whole chuck to your table and ask if you want a slice.
Anyone know the name?

Hello Alleycat,

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Shanghai, but here are some things I vaguely remember.

There is a street (I’ll look for the name later) a bit aways from Nanjing that has a lot of Uighur restaurants and food stands. Lamb kebabs, really great noodles, good breads, and so on.

I thought that the new museum (Shanghai Museum) was great. It is definitely worth a visit.

And since I think that you are a fellow book lover (maybe?), you might want to visit some of the bigger bookstores. Of course, there’s the old “Friendship” store one, which actually has a lot of Chinese-language study materials. There’s also another one–sorry the name esapes me–just south of Nanjing on the road parallel–it was always full of browers–five or six floors full. It is interesting to see what is being sold and read there (and what is not available). One book (I regret not buying) had illustrations (coffee-table sized) of old “Revolution” posters (you know the ones with the heroic workers gazinf off into the distance).

Anyway, sorry this is so vague. I am by no means a Shanghai expert and the city has probably changed considerably since my visits. Have a great time – oh yeah, everyone told me to avoid the performance by the aging jazz group at the Peace Hotel. I think the Peace Hotel was nice enough, but the jazz group was supposed to be overated and overpriced.

I lived in Shanghai for 13 months. A couple of pieces of advice.

Go to Yunnan South Road (