Shaoshao Ke

Simply outstanding northern (Shaanxi) Chinese food:
Renai Rd. Section 2 Lane 41 No. 15
Tel. 2351-7148
Closed Mondays

I recommend the fried potatoes, the beef tripe in spicy sauce, and a special kind of northern dish where you break a disk of noodle dough into a bowl and then a rich mutton ( Yang rou pao mo) or beef broth (Niu rou pao mo). You definitely want to go with noodles here rather than rice. Ask the boss to help you order–your Taiwanese friends will have no idea what to order here either.

This is NOT your typical northern restaurant with laobing, Peking duck, and steamed dumplings.

Shaoshao ke apparently means ‘good cook’ in the Shaanxi dialect.

I don’t recall seeing any English menus.

Is that the place just up the alley from Malibu pub? I love that bread/noodle disc thing in the soup! Thanks for reminding me about it. Time for another visit.

Not sure where the Malibu Pub is. Shaoshao Ke is next to Taiwanese seafood place on a short lane just north of Renai on Jinshan. There is a Changhwa Bank branch at the beginning of the lane.

Thanks for this posting Feiren; Shaoshao Ke is well worth a visit. Excellent hearty Northern Chinese grub. Great lamb broths and superb wrapped pork ribs covered in spices.

Bit difficult to find though; just north of Jen-Ai on Jin-Shan behind the BMW motorbike salesroom.

Hmmm, sounds like a different place to the one I mentioned, which is in a lane just off the Renai traffic circle on the northwest side. Sounds like the same kind of grub, though. I’ll have to pay a visit.

Shao shao ke is excellent. It is usually crowded so make a reservation. Definitely the best Yang rou pao mo I have had since I left Xian.