Share experience on building a forum site

Dear seguer,

Been reading the thread on building a forum site. Did you chronicle your experience when you build segue or other site you worked on?

I have no previous experience. Can you share with me a bit?
My pop up questions would be:

If I have my site at for instance. What softwares I need to download and how to install them?

What kind of administrative works I have to perform.

Else, if I setup my own server here. What OS, and HTTP server do I need to install, what DB, and PHP software I need to install?

I really have no idea…a total layman…

your experience and insight is highly appreciated…

best regards
anton xie

Hi Anton,

I really don’t have experience but I have read a little about how to set up phpbb (the one this site uses), including the step-by-step instructions at the link Gus provided. All you have to do is follow them. I’m going to fool around with it myself. Have already signed up for a Lycos UK free hosting account to practice with since my current host doesn’t give me the access I need.


the link Gus provided would be… where???
I know search the archives … throw a dog a bone


Links provided by Gus: … ght=tripod … c.php?t=19


thanks … I got to the bit where it said that the board was a lot of hard work to do and I quickly closed the window… I think I’ll stick to my discussion board on MSN.

Yeeesh , hard work…ahhhhhhh.

Thanks, I actually will use it when I get some time.


From what Gus has said, it shouldn’t be hard (as long as you don’t mess with it by adding all the extra goodies).


building a forum site is relatively easy.

1-Figure out where you are going to host it. most hosting services would provide you with disk space and other things. This way, you don’t need to set up your own coputer with OS and other goodies.

1a-If you decide to host it yourself, if you have your own static IP address, you can build your own server. Choose an OS, I would suggest Red Hat since it pretty easy to do these days and it’s stable. To run your own web server, download and install Apache ( Modify the control script to deal with php files and it will work.

2-This forum is using the phpbb software ( which is pretty easy to install and free. That’s why I suggested it to Gus. Set the control passwords and other controls and it should be good to go.

That’s pretty much it.


I have downloaded and extract it.

Have created a site on lycos, ftp connected, and extracted PHPbb files uploaded.

Now how do I do the Install. I read the instruction from the link telling me to doubleclick the install.php on the ftp client? (the right pane). This seems unreasonable to me. And I’m at a loss on how to install it…

please someone shed some light pls…

warmest regards

We need to know more about the Lycos account. Please tell us how we can create this kind of Lycos account.

Also, I think you will find this easier in the long run if you get an account with secure shell access rather than trying to do this with an FTP client.

[quote=“antonxie”]I have downloaded and extract it.

What version? Just curious. Segue’s is 2.0.1 I wonder what the difference is.


I went to
but when I have created my account, it’s not lycos…but tripod…
the result I have

I copy the whole PHPBB2 folder from my local folder to the ftp as in

when I did an access from a web client to
nothing happened :frowning:

dunno how to go further…any suggestions?

anton xie


Does offer php? I signed up with the UK Tripod. There might be a difference in services. Try


Anton: It looks to me like phpBB requires PHP support and a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. I signed up for a account and I can’t find any documentation showing that tripod supports these services for its free accounts. Please make sure that your tripod account meets phpBBs minimum requirements first.


I’ve been bustling to every free webhosting on the net that support php and mysql:) no luck yet…will try again tonight…

I went to….
they won’t allow me to upload *.tpl files…

well…pray for me:)




Once again, try the U.K. Lycos site.



Once again, try the U.K. Lycos site.


Finally got the forum works…thanks for all the advises…
my phpbb forums at lycos is up and running now…
you may take a peek at


anton xie

I’m right in the middle of FTPing my phpbb files! Yay!

I’m so excited!


I’m in!!! This was so easy (except when I mixed up my passwords :blush: )

Now I just have to find some styles to copy and figure out how to change the php logo at left to a graphic of my own. Tips?

Nothing at yet… I just wanted to make sure I could set up the board first.

Ignore the fact that everything appears to have been posted by myself… I copied the stuff from the freebie board to the new one.


Hey, this is all really neat. I just wanted to say I’m gonna be making a phpbb site too.

Me too, me too

And from reading the documentation, [color=red]look what I can do now.[/color] :smiley:

ax, jrc thanks for letting everyone know how easy it is to setup, by doing it.

I’m gonna mess with all the goofy mods availible (if there are any for the newest release).

What (if any) mods are this site using?