Share in DiHua –Dihua street city guide 2015(大稻埕導覽)

[color=#FF0000]Share in DiHua –Dihua street city guide 2015[/color]

Dihua street is the origin of Taipei’s commercial trade and city development. Although the city centre has moved east, Dihua street retains it’s old town style, and has kept part of the traditional culture with historic buildings and century-old shops. In recent years, besides the traditional business model, manynew select shopsfrom the cultural and creative industries have set foot in this area. The old and new bring out an amazing and unique vibe in this community.

The main purpose of Dihua street city guideis to share stories while introducing the tale of the old area to the public, and also invite everyone to experience the Chinese New Year culture in Taipei.

Please meetat Dadaocheng imformation service station (大稻埕旅遊資訊站) @12:45 PM on your chosen date.
Location: No.2, Dihua st., Sec. 1, Taipei City.(台北市迪化街一段2號)
The amount of participants: 20
Gathering time:12:45 PM
Start from:13:00 PM
Meet up place:Dadaocheng imformation service station(大稻埕旅遊資訊站)
Dadaocheng imformation service station (google map)

Guide route:
A S WATSON & Co.–>Yong-Le Market–>’‘In the Lane’’ working station–>Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Museum–>Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple

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