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Can’t post or edit anything right now on my blogspot blog. I keep getting an error message.

Anyone else having trouble?

no trouble for me just now

Every time I’ve tried to create a blogspot blog I get Chinese instructions. My Chinese reading ability is not the best.

So for others having the same problem here is an alternative easy to use create-a-blog site:

Seems to be OK again now.

Matchstick, that’s an odd problem. There must be a way to get to the English version.

Incidentally, if you use the Chinese language version of blogger, it does not give you the link button or the upload image button when you are composing a post, which is a pity.
I was trying to teach my Taiwanese friend how to create embedded links but she insisted there was no green link button in the compose page. I logged into the Chinese version and sure enough, there are only the basic buttons like bold, italics and underline.

Perhaps if there are more Blogger related posts, I could change the title or the mods could move the relevant bits to an existing thread.

I’ve changed the title. I hope that is OK.

I just noticed that Blogger now has an add-on for MS Word. You can post to your blog without opening your browser. I’ve not used it yet but it does sound pretty cool. I’m going to wait to see if there are any major issues. I’d hate for it to break Word.

Blogger Help : About Blogger for Word