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Have the MLM’ers deceided that Asian is the next big sucker? After the recent ‘Clean Air’ attack, just got this below. Only been registered a few days! Anyone else get this one, or am I truly the Chosen One?!

[b]Taiwan Celts GAA,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shawn Jones and I represent USANA, an International Corporation that has recently launched Japan and Hong Kong and is preparing to launch their business into Taiwan next month. USANA is a network marketing company and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ here in the US.
We are looking for someone to lead our team and therefore profit by their efforts in our quest to develop the Asian market, not only in Taiwan, but also the other countries we are currently doing business in. Timing is crucial, because of the upcoming launch in Taiwan and the other launches already under way. Would you be interested in leading our team?


Shawn Jones
Success Team Intl.
(817) 919-4848[/b]

Yes, I got the same one. I suggested to him that he should post it in one of the forums, so we’d have some fun watching him getting tramped down by people who use stronger vocabulary than I usually do. Have you seen his website? It’s hillarious!


I don’t know anything about that company, but MLM isn’t all bad–Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, and many other direct sales companies are now set up like MLMs where they reward their reps for recruiting others and “team building”. From what I’ve read about MLM, the problems start when reps concentrate on recruiting only and not sales–they should be doing both–and when a company requires you to keep an inventory ($).

I actually “get it” and think it’s great if you find a company whose products you really believe in (DK Books, Usborne Books, Discovery Toys, Highlights, The Body Shop at Home).

But this doesn’t mean I want anyone trying to recruit me!!! I’m not interested!


I received the same message too, and I just signed up last week. I’m not even in Taiwan, fer cryin’ out loud (at least not yet :wink:).

I agree that some MLM actually works as the last post said. But this one??

MLM is not new to asia. In Chinese they are called

Like any industry, there are ethical companies and those which are not.

The Direct Selling Association has a list of companies that subscribe to a code of ethics, and will terminate distributors who don’t follow the rules.

You can view these companies at

Checked it: Usana seems to be a member. Still, I don’t like Shawn Jones’ homepage.

At least, he went through the registering and gave all his information. The guy who logged on as a guest and posted a similar thing in this forum (see didn’t even give a homepage or mention the name of his company. Is there any way to get rid of this kind of spam?


I agree with Iris. I feel really sorry for this character. MLM people are looked down upon even by Internet spammers and cockroaches. What a concept … you milk your personal relationships like those among family and friends to try to earn a few dirty dollars. The whole concept is perverse.
And on a personal note, I really hope the Celt thing is just something you got out of your cheesy photocopied MLM handbook. It would probably spoil my day if I found out you were a Celt.

Guest, you are too much.

Have you even bothered to check out what this company offers?

Looks pretty good to me!

To make myself clear: I don’t support Usana. I don’t believe in MLM, I’ve got better things to do and a nicer way to make money. I only checked whether or not they were listed.

As to that Celts thing: Maybe you should get glasses?


…and forward the mail you got to Spamcop (although it’s probably too old now) and try and get his domain shut down. If it’s too old, then look up his host (whois) and report him to them. Flaming him here is fun, but ultimately useless. Short of actually going over there and killing him, having his domain shut down is about the most damage you can do to this sort of parasite.

Liked the comment about spammers and cockroaches. Classic.

it’s like reverse guanxi.

now they’re posting under the heading of “NASDAQ corporation launching in Taiwan.” It was in Open for a few days, but now it’s in FLAME…

I am new to to the MLM system and would love to hear about good opprtunities.

pls email me only serious projects at:

I moved this and added the stuff in () to the title.


In case you look at this again:

There is no such thing as a good MLM.

You shouldn’t have trouble finding them in Taipei. HerbalLife, Amway, Mickey Mouse, they’re all there. Start picking up some private tutoring work, you’re bound to have one of your students eventually try to sell you onto them.

You could join the white-shirt-dark-pants-no-jacket-no-matter-the-weather-always-in-pairs-and-on-bicycles-trying-to-chat-you-up kind of missionaries, they seem to have a good scheme going, at least judging from their enthusiasm!

Multi Level Marketing. It seems to seek me out now and again in the form of old friends getting in touch out of the blue saying something like “How’s it going old buddy old pal. Are you interested in a Business Proposition?”. It always ends up starting with a discussion about some product, but quickly moves on to stuff about “Sales lines”, “Your group”, “Fast track kits” and other bullshit like that.

One guy I worked with tried 3 separate MLM pitches with me, each time telling me the last product he was pushing turned out to be crap, and this new one is “the answer”.

One time it was Herbalife, and I did some web digging and found this interesting series of articles about it

Anyway, I figured there must be some pretty good stories about MLM amongst us here - Stalking stories, rip off stories and maybe even a smattering of stories about people who got in early and made some serious $$$.

I know several people involved in MLM scams, both local and foreign. I don’t know ANYONE who got in early and made a lot of money, but I lots who were TOLD they were getting in early and sure to make lots of money.
One does cosmetics of some kind, so I still like her, as she doesn’t bother me with her nonsense. She’s an old friend of my wife’s, though, and my wife now refuses to take her calls. Go figure.
Another is touting some kind of oil that you burn in a special flask that you have buy off them for a great deal of money. But it cures every disease known to man, rearranges your chakras, takes the kids to school, does the windows, everything, apparently.
This guy’s a foreigner and I don’t know how much he makes off it but he had to move to his wife’s family’s home in Malaysia because he could no longer afford to live here.
Oh, and I remember there was a perfectly nice guy working at one of my offices a few years ago, until he got roped into Herbalife. Boy, he could clear a room in seconds flat with his sales gibberish!
Stay far far away from MLM scams is my advice.

The best story I’ve heard is ‘work hard’ on your downline and you’ll get rich … not me personally but it’s all over the internet … pro’s and cons … haha cons …

At the moment some MLM guys are trying to get the ‘magic’ exotic fruit juices on the MLM circuit in Taiwan … they cure all cancers and illnesses … but the FDA and BBB in the US has them already summoned … they need to change their slogans and can not say they cure … on any label, on any web site … they can not use ‘witnesses’ of the good product telling they got cured from whatever was wrong with them … Oh, and an bottle cost 34 US$ or something … expensive fruit juice …