Sharing large files (home videos) with the folks at home

What’s the best way to transfer large files to friends and family? I tried Yahoo’s instant messanger and was told my file was too large. I even tried to mail it but the file was still too big.

I have ADSL and so does my father. I’m running Windows 2k and he’s running 98.

Thanks for your help.

Check out:

It really depends how large a file you’re talking about. If you’re sharing home videos that are over 50MB, I seriously suggest burning a CD and mailing it.

This is because it’ll take forever for you to upload. Assuming you have the 512/128 ADSL, it’ll take you at least 50 minutes to upload the file to anywhere. If your transfer is interrupted anytime in between, you’ll most likely have to start over.

The mailing Idea works well. What about streaming it if they just want to watch it on line? U-lead video studio does streaming formats, but I have not worked with it yet.

Burn it to CD and send out via DHL (NT$500 +/- at 7-Eleven) or via air post (NT$100 +/-).

Save yourself the aggrevation of broken downloads/uploads and corrupted files. You may find some joy going 100 percent digital, but the odds are not in their favor.

Streaming probably won’t work very well because of the bandwidth limitations. Especially if you’re going outside of Taiwan, you won’t be able to get a smooth stream at any decent quality.

Win2K should have an FTP server available. You could put the video in a folder, make it accessible to the server, and your family could download it via FTP.

You’d have to leave your machine up and running while they got it (schedule it by email, maybe, or just leave it up for a few days).

If you don’t know how to set up FTP on Win2K (I don’t), you could have them install an FTP server on their machine, have them leave it running, and have you FTP the stuff to them. There’s a free FTP and web server that runs on Win9x (and perhaps others, so maybe it’ll work on Win2K) at It’s not too hard to set up if you’re used to computers, but be aware that it’s one more thing for hackers to try to break into, so I wouldn’t leave it running in general.