Sharks in the Water!

I know some of you folks are avid divers, and some of you like seeing sharks in the swim. I’ve always been quite frigtened of these fish… have a good friend who was bitten two summers ago in shallow waters off South Carolina…

Look at this Great White recently caught in New Zealand waters:

The story about this shark is here:,2106,2732979a10,00.html

That would scare the dickens out of me :shock:

Tigerman, you had no need to point out that the pic was taken in NZ. Just look – the guy has no trousers on and he’s wearing rubber boots. That smile on his face has nothing to do with catching a shark, I’ll be bound, especially since that looks like the corner of a sheep pen behind him. Scotland’s the only other place that such a pic could be taken, and we don’t have any great whites.

Edit:[quote]One of his crew members, Dwayne Havord, who rode the shark during the journey ended up with a rash on his thighs. [/quote]

My god! These New Zealanders have sex on the brain! Dwayne, get a room, for heaven’s sake!