Shaving Cats

Do cats with thick fur need haircuts? Will it make them more comfortable or irritate them? I have more hair on my ass than my head and hence shave it regularly in the summer because it makes me sweat like a dirty old pig. (No :blah: :blah: :blah: about “pigs don’t sweat”, please). Should I apply the same philosophy to my Princess or let her languish in her stifling, lustrous coat?

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Just make sure you brush her fur for at least a minute or two every day. You need a proper brush for that. And that’s all you should do, IMO.


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Some people actually do reccommend shaving it, giving a “kitten cut” -meaning not shaving completely. You leave some by teh legs, head, tail, and dignity. No zero blade shaves. It helps them with the summer hair shed, and prevents tangles.

And what Marb said, teh most important thing is brushing. You may also need a detangler: it’s a brush with metal “teeth”, some fixed, some can retract, to catch all tangles.

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I shave mine in the summer. I’m sure she must feel more comfortable.

Well, if they’re anything like dogs…their coat actually helps them maintain their body temperture and prevents them from the heat. If she’s kept indoors, you don’t really have to worry about her overheating.
I think just trimming would help more than shaving the fur off completely as well.

Thank you all for your kind replies. Yeah, I think I’ll keep her uncut and just brush away the deadwood.
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Our cats are more energetic and seem happier after a shave. We’ve already done it once this summer (had it done at the pet shop actually) and they’re almost ready for round 2 again…

I would caution against it - especially for older cats. Taiwan vet (who I know personally) had always suggested it. NA vet I know said not to as cats will be fine and the fur helps them regulate body temperature - just brush them daily. Long story short and against my better judgment, the cat got a shave this summer when he was in at the vet for testing and was sedated. The combination of the stress from suddenly being shaved and the change in how his body was used to regulating his temperature nearly killed him. It got to the point that I had the vet come to my house to give him an iv to hydrate and cool him down. I wont bore you with all the details but it took six plus days for his body to adjust and the first forty-eight hours were pretty scary. And one observation seven plus weeks later, the more his fur has grown back, the cooler he has been to the touch and the more active he has been.

I know lots of cats don’t mind being shaved. I would say though that it is not necessary if you take proper care of your cat - regular brushing and lots of fresh water around. And shaving is probably not a good idea at all with older or more sensitive cats.

We shaved our long-hair cat one year for the summer, but after he came back from the groomer, our other short-hair cat seemed to not recognize him and didn’t like his fresh new smell, and kept attacking him whenever he came close. It was pretty weird. We had to keep them separated for a few days until the one cat finally figured it out. I won’t be doing that again.

If you brush your cat(s) regularly, there’s really no need to shave them for the summer or otherwise.

Didn’t think I’d see a thread about shaving pussies on a fambly forum. The shame…

BTW:If you shave a mowhawk onto a cat, does it become Brazilian?

[quote=“Elegua”]Didn’t think I’d see a thread about shaving pussies on a fambly forum.

The shame…[/quote]

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