She’s Baaaaaack. Sarah Palin’s Official Welcome Back Thread

She says she can see 2022 from her house. Ha. I don’t know if her cringe worthy memory will be even a blip on the 2022 political landscape. Today’s the mess we once thought we were in.

This is the only way the media will learn. Keep hitting them in the pocket book.

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Hang on. Sarah has the covid.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if the Times funded her Senate run?

She’d take Secretary of State, I’d wager.

Awww damn… wanted to see how long the @jdsmith streak would continue.


They just blew their budget purchasing Wordle.

Palin was recently on the Masked Singer. It’s the first political reboot in history using a public talent contest as the launchpad. What a world.

So was Rudi!

Hey, I kept the Cuomo thread alive and look what happened!


In his own testimony, former Times editorial page editor James Bennet characterized the disputed wording involving Palin as a “terrible mistake” on his part. He added: “We are human beings. We do make mistakes.”

Too bad that a simple liberal “Sorry” won’t work in this case.

That morning, a mentally disturbed supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opened fire on the GOP members as they practiced in Alexandria, Va., a few miles from the Capitol. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who is now the House minority whip, was gravely wounded in the attack, other lawmakers were forced to dive for cover and three people other than Scalise were injured.

Bennet indicated that the event struck him as a good occasion for the left-leaning Times editorial board to warn liberals about the dangers of overheated political rhetoric.

“There’s a fair amount of hypocrisy in our political culture,” Bennet explained to jurors. “It’s easier to see when the other side is doing something you don’t like than to see when you’re making the same mistake.”

So, the editor dispatched a colleague to try to find examples of figures on the left using violent or incendiary imagery. The D.C.-based writer, Elizabeth Williamson, came back with nothing notable from Democratic politicians. However, at Bennet’s urging, she did mention in a first draft of the editorial the controversy over a map released by Palin’s PAC in 2010 that appeared to put rifle sights over the districts of Democratic House members the group was targeting for defeat.

“I was very mindful that we didn’t have the example [on the left] that I asked to see, which I saw as a weakness in our argument. I was worried about that,” Bennet said during about three hours of testimony on Wednesday. “We were asserting that it was right to condemn the left for such incitement, but we didn’t have an example of such incitement.”

On the stand a day earlier, Bennet waffled on whether the editorial would have made sense without the reference to the Palin PAC. He initially said the piece “fell apart,” but later said it would have been a weaker but still coherent argument.

Bennet echoed that latter position on Wednesday.

“I feel that the overall argument of the piece was still valid,” he said. “As important as this correction was, I don’t think it, as I say, invalidated that overall argument.”

However, Bennet said that in retrospect, trying to compare the impact of the Palin map on the Arizona shooting to the role of political rhetoric in the Virginia rampage was unwise.

“I wound up making a distinction that, you know, was not worth making,” he said. “I have regretted this pretty much every day since.”

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Swing and a miss.

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I can see Russia invading Ukraine from my house, doncha know.

(I think she’s overall pretty dense, but in fairness to her she was banging on the “Russia is a threat” drum back when many in the DC establishment were still trying to play nice with them. I remember Bush Jr wistfully remarking on peering into Putin’s soul through his eyes… whatever the hell that meant)

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Seems she’s dating former NY Rangers hockey star and noted snappy dresser Ron Duguay!

He’s hot!

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Oh did she divorce the “Second Dude” that she was married to when she was the VP nominee in 2008? What a shock.

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