Sheet Metal/Bending

I’m working on my computer project and I need to find a place, in Taipei area, that I can buy some sheet metal, have them bend it for me, and possibly weld it into my system. If anyone knows of a place or some guy that can do this, please let me know. Even 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Well found a place after asking around the hood. There is a stretch of lane at Minsheng west Rd and Chengda rd (sp) the whole lane is filled with that type of things. Hopefully if anyone needs this type of stuff this info can be some help.

More details on this computer project please, it sounds like my kind of thing (case modding). Thanks for the information, I may find that useful for my own project. :slight_smile:

Ill soon post some details, but its not magical or anything.

My own project is here.