Shelly needs a loving home

Shelly was found as a pup near the harbour in Kaohsiung. If any of you have been to the harbour here, you’d know that there are over 100 dogs there. There is an aixin mama who pays to de-sex all the females and feeds all the dogs there. She was very concerned about Shelly, tho. Shelly was too small and NONE of the dogs would let her eat. She lived there for 6 months and she looked like a skeleton. She was a complete loner, not accepted by the pack, getting attacked by other dogs in the pack and therefore she was starving to death. Finally, a BARK volunteer decided to take her in and try to re-home her, even though she’s allergic to dogs! She spend lots of time with her, house-training her, training her to sit, stay, come, shake a paw, high five and other tricks. Shelly has turned into a fantastic, easy-going happy dog! And she’s even happier now that she found a temporary foster home. But her foster family leaves in June and they can’t take Shelly with. All this beautiful girl wants is to find a forever home.
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Shelly chillin out

Shelly playing with Lucky

Shelly sporting her new haircut

Shelly has been in a foster home for several months. Her foster family loves her dearly but they are oving back to the UK and taking their dog, Captain (adopted from BARK several years ago) with them. They can’t afford to take 2 dogs :frowning: even though they’d really like to. So, Shelly will soon be looking for a new foster home, or better yet, a fur-ever home. She’s healthy, happy, beautiful and great with other dogs.
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Shelly is still looking for a loving home! Come down to BARK’s FINAL Pet Adoption Day tomorrow if you’d like to meet her!