Shenzhen visa

Anyone know how to get a visa to get into the Shenzhen economic zone? Do you just get one at the border crossing out of HK as my out of date Lonely Planet China seems to suggest. My new job will include trips to Shenzhen but that’d be impractical if I had to wait in HK for a visa each time.


I think it depends on what passport you are carrying. Shenzhen is China. There is not a separate visa for Shenzhen, unless you are a PRC or HKSAR citizen.

You will need to get a China visa. You can get them in at a China visa office or some travel agents like CTS China Travel Service in Hong Kong. Takes anywhere from 2-4 hours rush job to 8 hours. Apply in the morning get it in the afternoon.

Sure? I heard that there’s some kind of special business visa that allows you into Shenzhen but nowhere else. Anyone know? Also any multi-entry business visas for China and how hard to get?


Just get it at the border (Lo Wu). You can get a visa there w/ a 5 day validity. Check out the below