Shenzhen - What's there?

I’ve been meaning to start threads with titles of Chinese cities for awhile as a reference on the good shit I find in my travels here. Shenzhen is a place I frequent for some R&R out of HK back into a Mandarin speaking world, so over time I intend to add to this on the good finds here.

Last night I finished work and felt the need for a good (above board) massage and to pick up some DVDs. I’ve tried loads of “spas” in Shenzhen, and there are hundreds ranging from the cheap and crappy to the mind blowingly good. Last night I followed a friend’s advice and found the MOST MIND BLOWING place yet. Here’s the (Chinese only) website Queen Spa.

The place consists of five floors, two restaurants (one a seafood place with live seafood to select for the chop). two cafes, oodles of pools - private nuddy swimming for men and women and a public area for couples and families. There are also very xomfortable capsule beds to crash out in.

Needless to say the massage is good, if somewhat pricey for Shenzhen (Rmb208 for 90 minutes), but the decor and quality is very well worth it. Basic cost is Rmb98 to get in, shower, swim, waltz around in the comfy PJs they provide and graze endlessly on the free fruit and juice buffet. You can also crash in the capsule bed for the night. At that price, it is a very real alternative to a shitty cheap hotel. Indeeed I was chatting to the manager who reckons he’s had people stay here for as long as 10 days! All is above board, and i’ll definitely be bringing Missis Huang and the wee Thai princess here soon.

I’m currently sipping a damned good espresso, while lollling in a vast and comfy chair in the internet lounge and waiting on what looks like a very good club sandwhich. It’s arrived, and it is damned good.

Here’s some reviews and how to get here from Trip advisor.

Getting to Shenzhen from HK.

I’ve explored almost every option here, but I think the best is to get the cross border bus to Huanggang, presuming you’re coming from Central. They leave from some bus depot in Wanchai every 15 minutes around the clock. Last night I was on the bus and through both HK and PRC immigration and in a taxi in Shenzhen within 45 minutes.


Great review. Sounds like a lovely place.

And the capsule bed room rate does make it a bargain for a nights, or longer, stay in a nice environment.


The crossborder bus also leaves from stations in Tsuen Wan, Prince Edward, Mongkok, Kwun Tong, TST as well as Wan Chai (there’s 1-2 more but i forget).

So you don’t always have to travel to WanChai to get to Huanggang.

Spa sounds good; thanks for the recommendation.

My own personal favorite: Yang Guan Sheng. It’s a above-board massage place (they don’t let you give tips): foot massage, chinese massage, tui you (includes moxibustion, ppl stepping on your back, acupuncture, “bleeding”). Quite good 128 for 90 min.

It’s a chain, so they’re all around Shenzhen,

I’ve tried something like Queen Spa (maybe not so fancy), but the most interesting thing they had was the fish pool where they nibble at your dead skin.

Hey HGC, if your little Princess is interested in riding horses, let me know. There’s a stable where I know the instructors (they teach lotta HK adults and some kids). it’s about 35min from the border in a place called Guan Ming (is famous for their milk… very tasty). PM if you’re interested.

nude swimming for men and women TOGETHER??? :noway: :smiling_imp:

Oh it’s a dodgy old frontier town in many ways.

Last night a fire erupted in a nightclub in Longgang killing more than 40 people. Apparently there was some stage show involving fireworks and a blocked emergency exit just to add further thrills for those seeking a hasty departure.

[quote][b]South China club fire kills at least 43, injures 51/b
Updated: 2008-09-21 09:04
GUANGZHOU – A fire at a club in south China’s Guangdong Province left at least 43 people dead and 88 others injured on Saturday night, local police said.

Among those injured, 51 people needed treatment and were being treated in hospital. All were in stable condition, doctors said.

The fire broke out at about 11 p.m. at a club, named “King of the Dancers,” in Longgang District in Shenzhen City, when hundreds of people were watching a performance.

According to police’s initial investigation, the fire was triggered by fireworks ignited during the performance on the third floor of the club.

There was only a narrow aisle, about 10 meters long, in the hall. Many people got hurt in stampede, said Yang Zhi, a club staff member who survived the fire.

“I saw people rushing out at about 11 p.m. and all light were off.” Yang wetted his clothes and followed the others. He got burns on the neck.[/quote]

And I re-visited that spa place mentioned above a couple of weeks back. I’d been curious about a place of similar size right next door that looked equally promising. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me but all five floors were boarded up with a big sign in Chinese out the front saying. “Closed after police found drugs on the premises.”

Which reminds me of a nightclub I went to one night in Shenzhen. It was quite a strange scene. The entrance was discrete, but behind the sound proofed doors you could just make out the methamp induced hideous screeching Chinese techno that leaves your heart gasping for a let up. Inside there was a huge bar, dancing area and a stretch of VIP rooms. All the doors to the VIP rooms were open and on the glass table tops in each were piles of powder being shaped into lines by feverish punters. I’m guessing because of the quantity it was special K. There was plenty of attractive tottie about but the music drove me out before i could finish my drink.


Shenzhen is the Deadwood of the 21st century.

It shows how bad HKG is if going there is a vacation! :laughing:

[quote=“Elegua”]Shenzhen is the Deadwood of the 21st century.

It shows how bad HKG is if going there is a vacation! :laughing:[/quote]

Some people love carnie type of entertainments.