Shenzhen with a 144-hour Visa Exemption?

Right so cant do Taiwan…Shenzhen…Taiwan

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How about TW -> HK -> SZ -> TW?

Yeah that will usually work.
Could save the money and spend it on their extremely expensive ten year multiple entry visa instead, if you’re planning on going back.
But you need the APRC for doing that in Taiwan.

I wish I could get one of those 10 year visas…


Yes, useful but expensive and they say now it’s a 10 year one but how likely is that not to be changed for the next ten years.

Would you happen to know what those four railways are?

i got a 2 year one last year. i been managing to use it this year but china its looking like its rapidly going down the shitter. i’ll be lucky to get another years use out of it. 10 yrs just looks like a bad idea at the moment.

Right, Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau, West Kowloon… that makes three. Maybe whoever wrote the press release literally can’t wait for the rail link to Macau to open. :idunno:

Is the question not asking about stations in Guangdong?

This page would seem to match up with the numbers of exit points mentioned above, but I can’t vouch for where it’s sourced from.

Railway stations

  • Guangzhou Tianhe – Guangzhou East Railway Station
  • Dongguan – Changping Railway Station
  • Foshan – Foshan Railway Station
  • Zhaoqing – Zhaoqing Railway Station
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Yeah, I think you enter through the railway station and leave with an onward airplane ticket.

That would make sense, except that apparently the trains from Hung Hom no longer go to Foshan or Zhaoqing.

Apparently you need a paper train ticket with your real name on it for this to work. It’s not enough to have a generic train ticket.

The Hong Kong MTR sells a Shenzhen-HK ticket on the high speed rail (15 minutes!) but you need to pick up the paper tickets at HK Kowloon West.

There is also a train to Guangzhou from Hong Hom. And immigration control is in the station. Oh wait, that’s what they just said. :laughing:

That would be the

Guangzhou Tianhe – Guangzhou East Railway Station

mentioned above. There are also direct trains from Hung Hom to Shanghai and Beijing, but it looks like you need a visa in advance for those.

You are lucky can get the 10 yr visa. For Brits getting a six month visa in Taiwan via hk is around 11000

Well, I’m here at Taoyuan Airport. I had a train ticket and a ferry ticket (after all the ferry ticket was about $17 USD) just to be sure. They told me I wasn’t allowed to leave by train, so I showed them the ferry ticket. They also said that that wasn’t allowed because they consider Hong Kong a part of China and it didn’t count as a third destination.

I got forced to buy a flight ticket to a third country with their carrier, otherwise I’d get hassled by immigration in China, even though their website and the Guangdong Police Department said otherwise. I had a ferry ticket from Shekou to Hong Kong and according to the site, you’re allowed to leave via Shekou (Shekou only goes to Macau or Hong Kong anyways).

I tried to book a flight to Korea, but they claimed all the flights were full, so I ended up having to book a flight to Vietnam.

My question now is this: Were they just trying to con me out of $8000? Do I actually have to fly to Vietnam now? Or can I use my original ferry ticket?

Once you pass through the immigration in China, after cancel your airplane ticket, leave by ferry is fine.

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Once you pass through the immigration in China, after cancel your airplane ticket, leave by ferry is fine.

I hope it works. The people at Shenzhen also told me it couldn’t be done

I did A-B-C before as Taipei-Guilin-Hong Kong, with no issues from Chinese immigration for visa free

How long ago was this?