Shi da area assault warning

Shih Da area assault warning

On Wednesday, July 24 at approx. 2:50am I had an altercation with a Taiwanese man near the corner of Roosevelt Rd. and Shih Da Rd.

Shortly after turning left from Shih Da onto Roosevelt, I heard the sound of a bicycle coming up behind me on my left. I was on foot.

I turned around and stepped a bit aside just as the bike was approaching because I could tell from the sound that it was coming up right behind me. Just as I turned the guy on the bike reached out with his right hand and grabbed my breasts.

I screamed `Fuck off’ and swung at him hard with my left arm, which knocked him off-balance. He tried to keep riding, but couldn’t and completely wiped out about 2 to 3 meters ahead of me.

Pissed off, he got up and began running straight toward me. I started screaming my head off and put my fists up because I knew I wouldn’t be able to out-run him - he was already too close. This seemed to startle him and he sort of froze in his tracks, which gave me a moment to turn around and start running back to Shih Da Rd. I continued screaming the whole time. I guess he was scared the noise would attract attention (I screamed myself hoarse) because when I looked behind me, he was gone.

I kept running until I got back to where friends of mine were in the Shih Da park.

The sidewalk where the incident occurred is well-lit and frequently traveled, even late at night.

In the three years I’ve lived in the Shih Da area, I haven’t ever experienced something like this. I’ve occasionally run into the drunken “hey baby, want to have sex,” perverted/lame-Taiwanese-guy type incidents where some asshole tries to follow you home, but I would characterize those incidents as annoying, not threatening.

I have lived in many cities and used to teach street safety courses in the US. I am also a lot stronger and taller than your average woman, so quite frankly, it takes a lot for me to feel threatened. But when that guy came charging at me I was very, very scared and I really thought I was going to have to fight him. The look on his face both when he grabbed me and when he was running toward me was menacing and it seemed clear he wanted to harm me. Thinking about that look, I feel lucky I got away.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you much of a description of the guy. He was wearing a hooded, long-sleeved black sweatshirt with the hood up (which shows what a freak he is, given how hot it was) and was Taiwanese, or, I suppose to be fair, he could have been from another E Asian country or could have been overseas Chinese. He was not wearing glasses.

Because I saw him on the bike and then because he was kind of bent over as he ran toward me, it’s hard for me to estimate his height. I’d say he’s not taller than 5’10’’ and probably taller than 5’6’’. He’s average build. He did not say a single word during the entire episode.

I am enraged that this asshole is out there. PLEASE pass on this information to any women, foreign or Taiwanese, that frequent – or live in – the Shih da area so they can be forewarned. I really feel like this guy is not your garden-variety creep, which is what has prompted me to write.

Also, if you have experienced similar incidents, please post them on this site. Thanks.

Glad you’re okay.

A Taiwanese guy wanting to go fisties with a girl! Sad to say, but I’ve heard this plenty of times before too.

Sorry to hear about your run in, Xj2. Hope you are okay, and that you are coping with it all.

I think that you dealt with this looser very well. The shouting is always key - and fiercely standing your ground was also a brilliant move. Guys like Blackhood are almost always cowards at heart who crumble when confronted. You rock!

Maybe you can get a can of mace to bring with you when you go out late at night, and for a while you can ask your guy friends to see you to your door.

Thanks for posting this heads up for all the other female readers of the forum.

Reminds me of a very similar attack on my old roomie about 10 years ago. Unfortunately for the perp, it happened right outside our door and we (four guys, three of whom were rather large) heard her screams.

We chased the guy for frickin miles – all the way up Hoping from Keelung to almost the tunnel. Caught him, dragged him back to the apartment, beat the living shit out of him, stripped him buck nekkid, tied his panties onto his head, tied his hands with his socks and shoved him into the street.

Served him right – the roomie was five foot zilch and weighed all of 95 pounds, while the pervie was a tall, relatively heavy bloke and he broke her nose with his fist, as well as giving her shocking bruises on her chest and neck. What a creep.

Of course, you know the reason we beat him up, etc? The cops refused to do ANYTHING at all. Wouldn’t even come to the flat to see the guy, although they did very kindly give my roomie directions to a hospital.

Some drunken Taiwanese men are gropers on wheels.
Nothing new, but no alarmingly high rates of any regular frequency either. The victims are not just expat women either, so it is “harmless” in that these drunken guys are not budding rapists or stalkers. Just free wheeling perverts. From now on, just wear a “Hells Angel” T-shirt when out at night, so you can develop an expat bad-ass reputation to go with that feminine right hook.

Taiwanstatus, that’s wrong.

What’s wrong? I don’t condone the misbehaviors of some perverts on wheels and a strong willed women can easily scare the crap out of these wimpy men as was the case here. Our expat victim was upset and shaken, but just think what the pervert must be feeling?

Don’t believe me? Do a gay impersonation with a straight Taiwanese male and then watch 'em freak out! And do it in the name of decreasing their heigthtened levels of Chinese anxiety and male homophobia. Only by so humourously introducing the populace to new cultural experiences of the outside world one can virtually traumatize their foreign friends to acquiesence to the enlightened ways of the real world. This is possible because of their homogenous cultural insularity and sheer vulnerability as insecure males. Past foot-binding is a Chinese male sign of being control freaks, so it is time to put the shoe on the other foot. But just for kicks.

Come on, ts, quit trolling. You know better’n that!

Not trolling because my account is logged.

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Originally posted by Urbanjet:

What do you call stiletto high heel shoes or corset? Results of male control freakness? If you’re not trolling, you must be simple minded.

When were small children in the West forcibly crippled to wear stiletto heels or corsets?

Go to It is not for the simple minded when you’re obviously ignorant of a culture beyond your comprehension.

Taiwanstatus, a lot of what you said was right but i feel that this case might be a tad different.

You kept mentioning ‘drunken’ but this was never stated. The attacker was told to ‘fuck off’ and hit but still turned to continue the attack and only stopped when the victim screamed. The attacker had done a good job of disguising his identity by wearing a hooded top and not speaking.

You described the attacker as ‘harmless’

This where i felt you were wrong.

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Foot binding



Originally posted by Urbanjet:

Not crippling, but just as perverse and still in practice today:

So you’re saying that a 25 year old woman who freely chooses to wear high heels is the same as breaking a 5 year old child’s feet so they can’t run away when you rape them?

I guess we have very different ideas of what “perverse” means.

Oh, come on guys! Xj2 started a very specific thread - intended to provide a useful warning about a potentially dangerous individual in the ShiDa area… What the frick are you crapping on about corssets and foot binding for?

Start a new thread - I’m sure it will be a real winner.

Originally posted by Mwalimu: [QB]Oh, come one guys! Xj2 started a very specific thread /QB]

Sorry. You’re right.

It is a serious problem and actually always has been. The English language papers almost NEVER report women foreigners being attacked.

Back about 13 years ago a Taiwanese guy kidnapped an American Shih Ta female student, took her to a construction site, repeatedly raped her and then bound her with masking tape. He left and went to get something to eat. While gone she was able to escape and get the police. They were waiting when the creep returned.
It’s seems he had been raping foreign students (at least 10) for at least a year…many (if not most) had been reported to the police and there was NEVER a report in the English language press. Also, Shih Ta did NOTHING to warn foreign students that there was a rapist in the area.
When people complained to the China Post, the reason given was that the police didn’t want to scare away the rapist. Bizarre reasoning to say the least!

BTW, the rapist WAS executed.