Shi Da Torture Victim

Maybe this has been posted before, but I couldn’t find anything in the archives. Last Spring this guy approached me on his bike while I was chillin at a bus stop and gave me two letters, one detailing his experience getting abused in prison and the other was from NTU informing me that he was a graduate accompanied by a graduation photo circa early seventies. He came up to me again today with the same letters and proceeded to recite the letter about the “Taiwanese police cockroaches and government bandit group.” Then he told me to write a letter to President Bush and took off before I could ask any questions. I’m assuming he’s a nutter, but does anyone know anything about him. He’s gotta be famous among the expats around here.

Oh yeah, he has been around a while. Seems one shoe short of a pair.

I remember hearing about this guy quite a long time ago but I can’t remember if it was something here or an article in one of the papers. Sorry. Anybody else?

Was he driving a beat-up car with the Chinese flag up top and the loud revolutionary music coming from the back speakers? I saw a guy like that in Shida a few months back.

Right. I was in touch with a person fitting this description. He could not give a coherent statement of his problems . . . . . . and so after trying to coordinate with him for a week or two I gave up.

I met the torture chappy some years ago. He’s definitely got some roos loose in the top paddock.

As for the PRC flagged “East is Red” chappy, while I’ve not actually met him I have seen his car numerous times. Almost killed myself trying to race the scoot up to catch a peek at what he had written on a banner down the side of the car one day. From memory it was something about worker’s rights or some such. Wasn’t a Maoist slogan which was almost a shame really.


HGC, I got some good pics of the car. Will try and dig them up. I liked it because it is loud enough to drown out all the people on their cellphones.



He’s running for president: vote early and vote often!


No! That disappoints me. I want him to form a gang and assume power.

Mind you if he puts Soong in the airplane position in a particularly heated struggle session I’d damn well vote for him . . . if I ever could ('nother issue altogether)


Definately a stubbly short of a six pack mate.

HGC, I got some good pics of the car. Will try and dig them up. I liked it because it is loud enough to drown out all the people on their cellphones.[/quote]

I think his headquarters is near my house in Shihpai, there’s an old walkup across from the yangming medical college grounds with a whole bunch of prc flags waving off the rooftop patio

But how about the music? It’s all about the music.

That’s some serious gold. You have to post those pics.

I found one pic of the Communist China Propaganda Car. I know I’ve got better ones than this and will find it in due time, but how do I post this particular one on Forumosa? I don’t have a homepage to upload it to.

Send it to me and I’ll put it up for you.

Cranky, it’ll be hurtling your way in seconds. It’s not the best one I have, but the only one I’ve come across so far (the whole process makes me realize that I take way too many pictures). At least, you can see the flags and, at the far left, the speakers.

HakkaSonic’s photo:

Nice work the both of you.

Now I’ve got a problem. The car I saw look had the same structure on the roof and looks like it may have been the same model, but it was red. Perhaps he painted it in a passionate pique?


I guess I got the lighting wrong.

I am pretty sure that the pro-communist supporter with the decorated car is a very different person than the fellow who goes around on a bicycle near Shida that the first poster here on this thread asked about.

BTW, in the last election did anybody else see the half dozen or so pro-China taxi cabs parading around together? I think they had flags and speakers as well.