ShiDa night market closing

I can’t believe there isn’t any discussion on this. Have I missed the thread? Significant sections of the night market are being closed down. Some stores and restaurants are gone already.

I live and own a business in the area and several places i went for lunch are now gone. It think this a shame. Looks like many businesses were forced to leave quickly. I wonder how many people lost their life savings?

Anyone have more info on what’s going on?

On the other site is a discussion going … and well, this is Taiwan, things go fast ones they are going. Yes, it’s a shame, but then many businesses were illegal and they took a gamble becasue Taiwan lacks enforcement until they get complains.

There has been considerable discussion in the Chinese-language press and at various public hearings.

Apparently some 70 businesses are slated to received orders to close.

Mayor Hau told the City Council that the policy will be implemented.

Local resident associations are behind the move. Politics at work.

The businesses are probably operating in violation of zoning ordinances.

They will take away everything good…just like the Shilin night market - the underground part of it now isn’t as good

[quote=“Feiren”]There has been considerable discussion in the Chinese-language press and at various public hearings.

Apparently some 70 businesses are slated to received orders to close.

Mayor Hau told the City Council that the policy will be implemented.

Local resident associations are behind the move. Politics at work.

The businesses are probably operating in violation of zoning ordinances.[/quote]

Not probably, they are (were) … all went well until it got too busy in the area and people (house owners on higher floors) actually got jalouse about the income first floor owners got every month from rent and the others couldn’t even reach their home unless they were on foot. Yes, noise would play too.

Taipei wants to become a civilized world city! Very soon there is nothing 'specia’l about it any more, except from ‘famous’ food that no one actually eats, but lines up for … :roflmao:

@Feiren, is it even possible to be a legal business with the zoning? How do the other night markets cope?

Total shame, yet another soulless makeover of Taipei City.

The ordinance being cited is the minimun width of the street in order for fire trucks to enter in case of fire. Interestingly, teh alley most affected is Pucheng alley 16, which is where the international street is -such street was supported by the city government a few years ago, btw.

Nevertheless, closures are now extending to Taishun Street and alleys of Longshan street -which I bet is not even 5 meters wide, and mostly clothing stores. Someone is losing but others are definetively going to make a killing: the commercial rents dropped from 10 thousand nts a ping to 3500 … if they find someone to take them. Definetively, some real estate scheme going on, as prices in the area had spiraled out of control recently.

The businesses tried to comply and organize, but it seems now there is a massive flee. Their symbols:

Yup, even the words “night market” have been deleted from signs at bus stops and MRT stations to keep the area “residential.” :unamused:


Stalls that have been there 40 years have now been discovered to be “illegal”. Me thinks it’s rather an effort to release prime estate land. Pity what make sit prime estate is the flow of people, which will cease as soon as ther eis nothing left.

Behold the dear memorie of Shida’s Night Market in the beautiful ceramic portraits on the walls of the Shida dorms surrounding walls, for reality won’t be no more…


IMHO: it is more of the Singaporeazation of Taipei. Something along these lines:

[quote]CULTURAL ICON:Taipei City officials find no incongruity in the Koolhaas-designed performing arts complex’s location next to the famous Shilin Night Market area
By Mo Yan-chih / Staff Reporter

Construction of the Taipei Performing Arts Center, designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and intended as a new cultural landmark, began yesterday on the former site of the Shilin Night Market.

City officials hope the arts center will boost the city’s cultural significance upon its scheduled opening in 2015.

The project, initiated in 2003 during President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) term as Taipei mayor, will be one of the biggest arts centers in Taipei once it is completed, and will house one cube-shaped theater with 1,500 seats and two circular 800-seat theaters.

[/quote] … 2003525697

Wow. I saw the signs in November and was there when the police were raiding and measuring at night, but didn’t suppose it would go this far. Pretty soon there will be no reason for me to go back to Taiwan. And the good restaurants were usually the ones that hid out in the smaller alleys, not the “popular” ones that all serve the same spaghetti with improbable toppings and “genuine” hamburgers.

I’ve never much cared for night markets, despised the amount of unregulated garbage they produced, and found the quality at most has been seriously deteriorating in recent years. So no tears from me for the loss of these grime and gangster producing venues.

So much shock and horror. Nothing stays the same for long. The world will still keep turning. I’ve always been more of a Tonghua Street night market patroniser myself anyway.

I just returned from ‘The Bastille’, a well known place at the Shida area, and although they got a license from the Taipei government for many years they are summoned to close shop as I was told, a complete mystery. Anyways, almost all stores in the area, infringing the law, are to be closed at the end of this month.

That’s a pity, the Bastille was a nice place. Strange decisions. Still the Gongguan area still has plenty of restaurants I assume.

This is true for me as well. I find the Taiwan night markets to be lacking yet everyone talks about them. And these businesses that everyone misses will adapt to the new regulations or be replaced by others.

Shita was never, to my mind, a night market in the standard sense of the term. It certainly only functions after a certain hour, but it’s not the same as the others – or wasn’t. It’s more a neighborhood thing. I feel sorry for my friend who has been living within a block or two of the Shita night market for over 20 years, since this will probably spell the death of the better restaurants and convenient late-night food near the University.

So if that’s the rule then let’s see it get enforced everywhere in Taipei at the same time. Will that happen? Yeah, right.

I really feel for those small business owners. Look at the Bastille. Got a permit from Taipei city and forced to close anyway. Are you ever legal here? who the hell knows?

It’s practically impossible for a small business to operate 100% legally here. You’re always at the mercy of some obscure law/politician/out of control environmental group. Many of those shop owners will not be able to find another place to rent so quickly and I’m wondering how many of them will be gone for good. A lot of people are probably gonna lose their life savings and means of employment in one stroke.

The ShiDa area is also about to lose a ton of tax revenue. The KMT are showing they are as anti-business as the DPP. This should not have been done this way. Many owners came up with a whole list of things they were willing to do that meet nearly all the requests of local residents but they weren’t even tried.

Honestly I never have been too fond of night markets… their food is so-so (especially in Taipei) and they sell a bunch of cheap Chinese junk that gets thrown in the trash within weeks of purchase because they’re so junk. Also the scooters that keeps dodging between people because they’re too lazy to park it and walk really gets on my nerve. I mean sooner or later someone has to do something, when you have an alley less than 5 meters wide, with stalls on either side that even a scooter has trouble getting through, it just makes me wonder what would happen if an emergency were to happen?

Maybe they’re finally doing something about the overcrowding.

Occasionally i liked going to the shilin nitemarket but that was pretty much it. And one or two stalls at the Keelung Miaokoh nite market.

But most of it sucked ass. And really isnt needed except as tourist attractions. We dont need Huasi street with its skinned snakes and headless turtles and 300nt whores no more. We dont need messy nite markets either.