Shida VCD's on the go

For anyone that’s interested, I’m converting the Shida VCD’s into a format viewable on the Tungsten T using the free kinoma movie player. People with Pocket PC (Win CE) or other palm handhelds can also convert them to a format viewable on their device. If anyone has questions or would like a copy of the Tungsten format (if you’ve already bought the VCD’s), feel free to ask or pm.

Maybe this is better off in technical, I’m not sure. :?

Miltownkid, what’s on the Shida VCD’s? Also, I remember you said you had written out all the green shida lessons for use on palm pda’s. Are you still willing to share this? I can trade you a box of good quaility multivitamins from Canada for it (they expire in six months and I already have enough to last me that long).

The shida VCD’s have all the dialog and vocabulary for the book in “cool” (funny) little skits. I forgot to mention that it’s book 1 that I’m currently converting.

Where can you buy the vcd’s? Caves? And how is the picture and sound quality? Seems like they must be pretty good or you wouldn’t be recommending them.

Hey! I never recommended them. I think they’re about as good as a chinese learning VCD can get. I’m studying one on one using the shida book, so I figured I’d buy the VCD too. It was 900NT and I bought it from Lucky Book store (I think that’s the name) right by shida. It’s 6 disks with about 4 chapters per disk. Each chapters movie is about 10 minutes long. I would recommend them to anyone that’s using the shida books for study. They even have this funny question and answer session at the end of each chapter where this guy and girl ask you questions and pause for you to answer. I like them.

I jumped the gun a bit.

Can I say you’re recommending them now? :wink:

Thanks miltown, i got your files via email…i now need to get my act together and get a palm.