Shiding to Maokong: A Ridge Walk

Okay, the weather promises, promises good things tomorrow so let’s try a nice long but relatively easy walk on the lovely wooded ridge that joins Muzha to Shiding to the east. It’s about a 6 hour walk. The first part is steep but after that it is just hours of walking along the ridgetop. No scary parts like Huang Didian or Wuliao Jian.

We’ll meet at Muzha MRT at 10am and take the bus or taxi to Shiding. Afterwards, since we finish in Maokong, we will probably go for dinner.

Who’s in?

Any chance of making it Sunday? Tomorrow’s Kitty’s dad’s birthday, so it’ll be all-day family day…

Plus I’m recovering from a cold…

Plus I have a project due…


I am in. :slight_smile:

What do you say Kate? Can we make it Sunday so Chris and Kitty can go?

Oops! I have to work on Sunday. Sorry.

I won’t be able to join you this time, but I wish you a most enjoyable and invigorating hike.

It’s rather overcast now, but I reckon there’s an even chance that the sun will peep out and it’ll be a lovely day.