Shih Ming-teh

I’m interested in peoples views on Shih Ming-teh/Shi Mingde/施明德. As one of the key people in the fight for democracy in Taiwan he seems to be worthy of serious respect. He’s standing for election in the upcoming legislative elections (Taipei North), and presumably has a good chance of getting elected.

So what is he standing for? As far as I can make out his main position seems to be that the constant Green-Blue fighting is harming Taiwan and he wants the two sides to work together a bit more (a principal which everyone can agree with, but is probably a bit easier said than done!).

He doesn’t seem to have the desperation for limelight/power that his fellow independent Hsu Hsin-Liang (who’s running in Taipei South) does. Whatever his policies/reasons for running, he’s bound to be better than your average 3rd rate DPP/KMT biendang hurling politician.

So what’s the verdict? True hero of Taiwan returning to help Taiwans political growth? Or political has-been desperate for a last bout in the limelight?

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[quote=“david”]…political has-been desperate for a last bout in the limelight[/quote]Another one that couldn’t/wouldn’t accept they didn’t have the backing either within the party or from the electorate to run for president. Bitter and twisted about it.
While I have a great deal of respect for all those who were locked up, exiled or ruined through their defiance of the KMT regime, this kind of sacrifice doesn’t necessarily qualify the person for high office. Just look at Annette Lu for example :wink:
High moral courage doesn’t always equal great talent or ability.

Could we get Linda Arrigo on here for her opinion?

For the first time I’ve to disagree with hsiadogah on something regarding the Taiwan politics. Altough I don’t know much about Shi Mingde, I still think he is a little different from the likes of Hsu Hsin-Liang.

If you look at some of the questionable current or ex-DPP/TSU members such as Sisy Chen (陳文茜), Hsu Hsin-Liang (許信良), Su Ying-kuei (蘇盈貴), Shen Fu-hsiung (沈富雄). You’ll see that none of them were really standing up, fighting for their political ideoligies against tge KMT during the non-Democratic era, or getting locked up for their such beliefs. They had no convictions, and therefore didn’t have to fight or risk their lives for such convictions. Hence they can switch sides to the complete opposite if the situation suits them. Each of them are all very desperate for the slime lights and political power for their personal interests as well.

Shi Mingde on the other hand, as far as I know, did really put up his life at risk back then. Hasn’t turn completely or antagonistic against the his old party. Is not that particularly desperate for attention or political power (rumored to turned down an offer from Chen for a government office). Usually does not try to pull off some political stunts or wild accusations.

In other words, he doesn’t give me the same bad vibe as the other Blue, Orange, and Red does. All I know is that he doesn’t really enjoy being a legislator anyway, since he was one before and had a lackluster perfomance because the lack of interests in doing it’s job, never shows up for work, etc.

For the first time I’ve to disagree with hsiadogah on something regarding the Taiwan politics.[/quote]That’s alright, we can still be friends :wink:

Actually, I agree that Shih Ming-teh is a bit of an oddball. I met him once, quite an odd character. Not so easy to understand his motivations as with the Sisy Chens and Hsu Hsin-liangs. I am pretty sure he left DPP in a huff after CSB’s faction rose to prominence. I had friends in the party at the time who were bitching about it, though it was so long ago I don’t remember the details. :shrug:
I would still like to hear Linda’s side of the story, but I think she’s too classy for kiss’n tell type stuff.