Shimen to Kenting solo walk




That’s pretty good, but this is my song of the day and a bit of my heritage


Another good road song:


I’m in the Land of the Lotus Eaters. 322km as of today.


Looks like somewhere near Baihe, 白河, in Tainan.


@schwarzwald Exactly. You win the “I know my island” prize


Thank you, I visited there many years ago around this time of the year. Nearby Guanziling 關子嶺溫泉 hot springs may feel good for aching feet. There is also a scenic road from there to the Zhengwen Reservoir and on to Yujin mango capital, right in the midst of mango season. Stay safe!


I’ll be in Kiaoshung in 2 days. That does not leave me enough time to both walk to Kenting AND make the Old Brewery fest in Taichung on the 26/27th. What would you do? I mean, what should I do?
This is important people; let’s be serious.

  • Beer
  • Walk

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It’s 9:00 in the morning!!!

Beer, of course.


We want to see your feet bleeding.


You can always beer in Taichung but you can’t always walk to Kenting.


Exactly, you made a commitment to yourself. Almost made it is a whole lot different than actually made it.


Maybe if you run instead of walk you can make it in time. :grin:


You’re right. Close is still a fail.

Great! What size saddle do you take? Wait; do cows gallop?


We only charge for short distances if someone really pisses us off. Maybe @bojack will give you a ride.


Okay. So after all my hard work, I might be a fool to not walk this. 140 more km to go I guess. :disappointed:


Cia Yo, you can do it. And you have all our support… from our comfortable chairs, under the cool AC.




Haha. I only understood cause I thought it said ciao and I read it with a different accent.