Shimen to Kenting solo walk

Why not east coast?

Also, kinda obvious but… bring lights. There are some backpacks with solar panels, I don’t own one but I guess it could come in handy in this kind of situations.

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If my memory serves, the highway is tight in some spots with no shoulder. It would be a prettier walk for sure and I could hit the Jim n Dads brewery too, but I must consider safety. What are your thoughts?

My wife did much of the east coast a couple years back with a couple of friends. They didn’t walk the whole thing, used a train to skip some of the dicier spots. If you are dead set on walking the entire way, I’d agree with you, those sections with no shoulders would be a no go.

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I’m with @squall1 on this one, you could skip it with hopping on a car or even an Obike (if available). Last resort is to take a detour to skip the dodgy sections. Nonetheless, detours could sometimes take half a day to a whole day if you’re on foot.

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In 10 years, when Bree is telling others how she got into cycling, she will discuss this plan to walk to Kenting but then she said screw it all in the middle of the walk, and then got an an Obike and never looked back. All part of your master plan, ranlee.

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you cannot dodge the Su Ao tunnels in the east coast by walking or cycling. You absolutely must catch a train or hop on a bus through there. Seriously dangerous, i only made that mistake once.

Bree, do not walk through road tunnels!

I’m considering the #3 or possibly the #1. I’ve ruled out the East coast. Of course this is still a big problem (七星山 1:me 0). I wonder if it will ever heal. Getting older is a bitch.
Thanks for the heads-up

Btw, the #3 ends in Pingtung and doesn’t go all the way down to Kenting!

While the intelligence of anyone walking along this shoulder is questionable, can someone point me to the legality?

My two cents.
Don’t bother with this. Do something more interesting like hiking around interior of Pingdong or Miaoli or Chiayi Or just do sections and skip the crappy bits.

Much of these round island routes are horrible walks or cycles.
Also there was some insane talk about hiking the spine of Taiwan. Maybe on the roads but not over the mountain tops themselves.

Are you actually talking about walking along the side of the freeway?
That’s illegal and you’ll be picked up by the cops pretty quickly I would say and actually you will die because trucks or vehicles will use the hard shoulder from time to time.

I’ll say it again. The provinicial 3 is eminently doable. Its not a freeway. Its a county road. That means lots of shoulder and verge and no barriers.

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I hear what your saying. In the end, logistics may trump. Hiking isn’t the same as going the distance though. I have a NEED to keep on walking. Fukitall, and just keep walking.
Like this guy

Make sure and post piccies when the beard grows in…

Will you edit my highlight reel and set it to music :grimacing: ? Notice me sempai

Sadly, making a N to S island-spanning walk interesting falls well outside my minimal skill set.
Sorry, Jack. :idunno:


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