Shimen to Kenting solo walk


Don’t be this guy though, these lyrics are creepy af


Slagging off the Pride of Leith???
Whisht, lass!


Yup. A stalker.
(Good song though)


Sorry Bree. Can’t resist in view of a post some months ago. Talking about walks…


Bwaahahaha :rofl:
Wait. That’s not funny.


FYI. It has begun. I’m sore af. If you see me, be sure to laugh loudly enough for me to hear you.


Good luck and safe travels!


Good luck, rain in the forecast for Thursday


Be careful not to develop “muscular calves”…a cardinal sin for women in Taiwan!


加油!Be safe


That’s all you have to say upon starting this big adventure? I hope you will post updates and keeping a travel log.

Which route are you going? East coast or west coast?


Just caught up on this thread. Please keep us updated! I’d love to try this myself one day, so I’ll be keeping an eye on the developments here.


Good luck, be careful.


Good luck, Bree! Be safe.


Good luck! & Update please.


And @Bree post pictures, that would be awesome.


Take care and godspeed.


West coast as there is adequate shoulder the whole way. 15km yesterday with my 14kg pack. Too heavy. The campground I was planning on staying at was a total fiction, so maybe after a few more days, if the prospects don’t improve I can ship my hammock and rain tarp back. So far I feel okay. I might have to get a massage tomorrow though.


But dat ass tho!


As you hike, be sure to sing cheery Hobbit songs like “The Road Goes E’er On and On”.