Shimen to Kenting solo walk






Do you have your official campaign gear, like a flag sticking out of your bag that says ‘support world peace’ , stuff like that ? :smiley:


im in Chinese tourist camo.




Good luck @Bree

Stay safe.

Have fun.

Take pics.

Share pics!



I started in 石門, not 台北


Heeeey, finally some pictures. I came here only to remind you to post some pics!




oh man, the sculpture-making possibilities!


Thank you so much.

Now, can you next time send pictures of things we don’t see already in Taipei and other cities? :smiley:


That’s one on Airbnb I shan’t be seeking out…


No és broma
Dang, girl, you don’t got to go walking down no highway to see that shit.
Ride in to work with me through friggin Zhonghe any day, you can see fuckloads of that, and we can have a friggin coffee after, for jumping out loud.

Oh, and Badges?
Why is this in friggin Cycling???

Maybe you should move it to the Kookoo Bananas White Lady Escapades forum?


The zombies are right behind you !!!


The signs say I’m on West coast cycling route!
Why do I always get put into the Crazy White Lady box? Why? :crazy_face:


There are cycling signs everywhere:

Anyway, I’m really looking forward your pictures :slight_smile:


So you get run over yet??




Homeless People in Taiwan