Shimen to Kenting solo walk


Are you sure you’re not at that Rainbow thingie?


Dunno what your looking for. I’m no @IbisWtf


That can only be a good thing, no matter how you slice it.


@IbisWtf :



Just enjoy people enjoying and sharing their joy for Taiwan :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait. You are sleeping totally naked on a tree? and doing sexy poses?


There’s more where that came from :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I admire your sun protection technique. Very Asian style.


If you really are like Maude, then I think I’ve fallen in love.


I can aspire



no time to explain my feelings, gotta get naked and run around in Yilan, brb


Then make sure you stay in the shade when you can, remember fresh socks every morning, and stay hydrated, you’ll be OK.


@Bree, send more pictures now! Are you walking like secondary roads, paths, trails… what are you taking?


Don’t forget to put in a call to the Apple Daily “laowais gone wild” hotline first.


Are we playing ‘where in tw is Carmen sandiego’?
15 more km to go on this rd today

I’m hopped up on this guys brew


Woah, one of them old Nipponese lab coffee makers, I haven’t seen one of them in like 15 years, awesome!
Yeah, they make a pretty good cup, for sure.

Did you change your socks?


The thought of getting passed at high speed by Taiwanese drivers is making my eye twitch


Check out the raccoon’s foot fetish…



Empty road. I was in bfe. Yes @Rocket, today is an especially long trek so I’m wearing my NT$500 pair.