Shimen to Kenting solo walk


Jesus, that looks like motor oil! Hope it keeps your engine running smoothly.




106km so far. Woot woot


Stupid question… 106km in how many days?

Today Yilan was beautiful, all those rice crops are green.


Today was day #5. Yesterday was a brutal 29km




6 days. 127km
I’m taking tomorrow off to enjoy the rain.


Respect for trying to push through


Edit: why isn’t this animating? The file size limitations are cramping my style


NO, sorry, you are not. You are allowed to make as many breaks as your wallet lets you, but you have to walk the whole thing, or I will protests and get angry until my face is red.


I swear I could see the stalks waving for a second. Could be too much caffeine though.


Just click on it and you can see it moving


The problem is that it “plays” only once, not in loop.



I don’t live here. I’m a Texan. Things like this aren’t a normal occurrence for me.

I went to get a massage. A place recommended to me by the hotel laoban. The masseur was a white-eyed blind man. I told him I needed foot and legwork done so the chair massage wouldn’t do. He led me into a back room with a large bed, not a massage table. After I had lain down, he climbed in bed next to me! He did warn me, and it was a full-clothes massage, but weird nonetheless. It was professional, just a massage, but I was startled. :open_mouth:
This leaves me wondering where the line should be for me. When is it ‘when in Rome…,’ and when is it, ‘oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into?’


It’s always good to establish a safe word before things get under way. :grin:


That’s funny. But all joking aside, you need to be a bit careful. I’m glad this just ended up being a funny story, but I think you’re getting into some dangerous territory with situations like this one.


I don’t think it is dangerous.


Read the third letter (from “200 percent straight”):

I should probably add that this is not safe for work, or the Mormon temple for that matter:


Haven’t opened it yet, but can’t wait to get home and do it.