Shimen to Kenting solo walk


Yeah,. I want pictures of your feet! er… for a friend who just asked me… ehem.


Tell @Rocket “No”


The wood carving galleries in Sanyi are lots of fun!


Gotta say, that’s one gnarly looking foot!


Now that’s what I call some serious blistering


He said “friend”.


We can overcome our problems, minino.



Nice! is that right after Hualien?


I’m on the West coast. This pic is 15km north of Taichung


Try and keep up Mr Decathlon.


How dare you!


I’m young and confused.


Yes it is.

If “after” means “on the whole nother frigging side of the island”, that is…


Yes my GPS led me down this road. My car wouldn’t even fit.


Weather looking a bit better where you are compared to Taipei this morning.


I was Shanghai’d by Herbalife sales reps. I’m okay.
Turns out if you buy protein powder from them, they will hook you up with homestays down their chain of influence all the way to Chiayi.
As a bonus I got a custom diet plan that fits life on the road that will get my BMI back into its target range! Ha.
Life is strange.


Oppressively hot


Looks really nice, I feel envy!


Yesterday I walked past a couple of miles of vineyards. Beautiful. Today however, I got to experience thousands of pig cages. Not even big enough to turn around. The piglet pools were heart-wrenching. Like ball pools for kids, but filled with wee swine. The smell was horrific. Soooooo many pigs.